30th August, 2017

You are NO beer lover until you try these mouth watering micro-brewed beers in Bangalore

Can you imagine the days when beer was used as a replacement of water? Water was mostly contaminated and had a lot of harmful germs, so a large number of people in medieval Europe drank beer as a replacement of water.

Now that you have already read about this anecdote, it is not actually true. However medieval Europeans knew how to enjoy and hence drank a considerable amount of beer.

A lot has been written about the best party places and the best food joints. But there is one question that I constantly get. So many of the readers want to know something that is genuinely a problem for beer lovers!

I mean seriously, whenever we go out there are very few beer options. A friend of mine had come to Bangalore for a visit. So I planned to take him to a place with some good music and BEER. So we were sitting at a pub in Koramangala and asked for a beer.

“Sir we only have Budweiser, Heineken, Kingfisher and Carlsberg”.

We desperately wanted to gulp some draught beer but had to settle for a bottled beer. Seriously, I am done with these brands, so lately I developed a taste for draught beer. However, there are only a few places that serve draught beer. Also, I don’t mean that the canned beers are bad, but I am sure everyone loves to explore new options.

Draught Beer is freshly brewed and served directly from the cask or keg. It is not pasteurised before serving. This means that draught beer has more carbon dioxide and comparatively less shelf life than the bottled counterpart.

So going by the age old saying, ‘Self-help is the best help’, I decided that next time this shall not happen. So I took a soldier from my personal army, my buddy Manoj to hunt down new flavours and types of beer. To be honest, I knew little about the brewed beers in Bangalore, but there are some places that I am about to share with you, which will make your quest for home brewed beer easier.

#1.Burnt Stone

You can get this beer, exclusively at Prost Brew Pub. Mild roasted grain aroma of coffee and chocolate is what makes this beer great. Basically ‘Burnt Stone’ is a stout beer with 5% alcohol. The dark shade of the beer traces its roots to 18th century England.

Comparatively sweeter with a Chocolate aroma, this beer like any other beer is served chilled. To get the dark texture of the beer, coffee and chocolate malt is roasted and added.

#2.Rocky Road

Another flavour of beer that is exclusively available at Prost Brew Pub, is a lager beer. Lager is the German word for ‘Storeroom’. Lager beers are native to the Austrian empire and are known to be brewed at low temperatures. Going to the Oktoberfest, gulping down some fresh lager beer from Munich breweries, had always been my dream.  However, let’s keep that for some other time.

The colour of the beer can be pale, golden, amber or dark. Rocky Road is a perfect balance of the sweetness of malt and bitterness of hops. Master Brewers intricately brew the perfect beer with premium malts, corn and selected American hops. Many bottled beers like Miller, Heineken and Budweiser are Lagers.

#3.Red Alert

What if I tell you ale was an important source of nutrition in the medieval world! With just the right amount of alcohol, only to act as a preservative, there was no intoxicating effect of ale.  Modern ales are known for their fruity flavours such as apple, pear, pineapple and cherry.

Red Alert is an ale that is brewed with four different malts and zesty hops. The copper coloured classic ale has a low alcohol content of up to 5%. So enjoy huge quantities of this beer without getting drunk. Red Alert is also the signature home brewed beer of Prost Brew Pub.

#4.Namma Beeru

A golden coloured brew, Namma Beeru is Bangalore’s own flavour. Served at Toit, Indiranagar and brewed by using the local ingredients this robust ale is made of ragi seeds. Typically this brew is on the sweeter side because jaggery is used in the brewing process.

With the perfect balance of sweetness from malt and jaggery, celebrate happiness with the indigenous brew of Bangalore. Since it is not that bitter, if you are new to beer, this flavour is a must try.

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#5.Tintin Toit

One of the signature beers of Toit, this beer is nothing less than a heritage. Lost in the 1940s partly due to lagers and partly due to war, Tintin Toit is an ale that traces its roots to a village near Brussels in Belgium.

The colour of this beer ranges from very pale straw to very light gold. Made from pilsner malt and brewed with coriander and orange peel, the beer is slightly sweet and fruity. Thus a combination of spicy-sweet will not only take you back in time but will make you appreciate the skills of the Brewers.

#6.Toit Weiss

As the name suggests, Toit Weiss is yet another signature beer of Toit.  A signature wheat beer, Toit Weiss is influenced by the legendary Bavarian Hefeweizen from Germany. In German, Weizen means wheat and Hefe means yeast.

A pale straw coloured Toit Weiss comes with a strong aroma of banana and cloves. The special yeast used for fermentation is responsible for the flavour. The alcohol content of Toit Weiss is not very high.


By now you read only about German, British or Austrian beers. Doppelganger, the signature brew of the Beer Café is brewed by Gateway Brewing Company, an Indian beer manufacturer. It is a dark wheat beer with a high quantity of hops that gives the beer a bitter taste.

#8.Stella Artois

Initially launched as a seasonal beer, Stella Artois is a lager beer, from Belgium. Yes, that’s right. It’s not only the chocolates of the amazing country that makes us go weak on knees, the Stella Artois beer of Belgium is a commercial success.

With a smell of light malt and lemon zest, this beer has a smooth clean taste with hints of spice, citrus and even grapefruit. Brewed by SA Interbrew Stella Artois contains 5.2% alcohol, which is way lower than bottled beer. Here in Bangalore enjoy this beer at The Beer Café.


A signature beer of Big Pitcher, Kingslayer is a strong beer with a creamy sensation. Brewed with plums, prunes, raisins and grapes gives the beer an exquisite aroma. Kingslayer may have a tinge of Chocolaty flavour and low on bitterness scale because of low hop content.

A balanced combination of toffee like malt notes, spicy - clove, light banana or vanilla flavour will motivate you to chug down a large quantity of this beer.

by Ragini Arora

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