6th September, 2017

What a relief for nightlife in Bangalore! This will give you the chills of happiness.

The pain of missing the favourite hang out spots is inevitable. In the past few months, most of the party lovers in Bangalore must have been through the same feeling. It starts with anger and surprise, followed by nostalgia.

After all, everyone has a great memory with their best buddies at some pub. To be honest I too have some. This pub in MG road was one of the places where we frequented a lot. And all of a sudden we got to know that they are closing!

Initially, it was a shock to all of us, as we have a lot of memories associated with that place. It all started as any other pub visit. But eventually, we started visiting the same place 3-4 times in a month. Little did our group realize, we were getting hooked and in no time that pub in MG Road became an integral part of our lives!

By now I am sure most of you are updated about the bars and pubs that were closed have the permission to start again.

“What are you talking? When did they close and why?”

If you too have the above question then welcome back from the Stone Age, where you had been for past couple of months! : P

According to the new rule, the pubs and bars that fall within the city are exempted from the previous rule. For those who don’t know feel free to click this link and read about the Supreme Court ruling!

Here are some of the famous pubs and clubs that have already started their operations.


Located at Church Street, blueFROG has a very elegant ambience. For starters Nachos, Sangria, fries, and drumsticks are a must try. Another thing that you will like about this place is the live band performance. They serve Asian and European cuisines. It is a good place to hang out with colleagues and friends.

BlueFROG provides an open platform for all the budding and established musicians, DJs and bands to showcase their musical prowess. They don’t differentiate music on the basis of genres. From jazz to classic rock and fusion of traditional music with other genres, if you love experimenting with music, definitely visit this place during a musical fest.

#2.Hard Rock Café

A lot has been written about Hard Rock café. It is evidently the best rock music pub in Bangalore. Located at St. Marks Road, the ambience is rocking and super cool. You will love to visit this place over and over again. Hard Rock Café is the perfect blend of delicious food, great music, and awesome culture.

Rocking music, great food and happening nightlife is the signature of this club in Bangalore. So if you are planning to go out this week, keep this place in your check list.

#3.Church Street Social

Church Street Social is one of the sassiest pubs in Bangalore. Located at Cobalt Building, it is a lounge. The drinks that you must try are Bobs Bong and Toxic (go for 1000ml).

Frequented by DJs from all over India, if you are looking for a place with great food, music and drinks, Church Street Social cannot be overlooked. Apart from music, they also have gaming competitions at the venue.

GamingMonk Championship Series - FIFA (Season 1) will challenge the FIFA gamers in 6 cities to compete for the Grand Cash Prize Pool of INR 8, 00,000. Qualification will take place starting September, with the Season 1 Grand Finale to be held in December.

If you are a gamer then I would urge you to click on this link.

#4.Harry’s, Koramangala

Harry’s is not a typical pub. It is a place to chill with your friends, play snooker, chit chat with your group and create memories. After all, that is what makes us happy? Isn’t it? And you know what; there is something else to make you happier!

The Koramangala branch has decided to treat their customers with burgers and drinks at a very nominal price. Selected drinks will be available at Rs 69 until September 5th and any burger on the menu is available for Rs 199 until September 7th! So if this week you are looking to make the bond stronger with your buddies, don't forget this deal and head right to Harry's.

#5.Sherlocks Pub, Koramangala

For having a great nightlife this pub is a perfect weekend destination with friends. Located at JNC Road, Koramangala, Sherlock’s is a nightclub and a drinking hole.

Only if you have no problem with loud music and you are filled with energy, I would suggest you go to this place. If it's a romantic date then keep it on hold for some other occasion. With the best tracks and live music that the DJs play here, you cannot stop yourself from dancing to the groovy beats.

#6.Gilly’s Restobar

Another famous watering hole in the bustling part of Koramangala, Gilly’s was closed for a brief period of time post the ruling by Supreme Court. Now that the order has been revoked, Gilly’s Restobar is all set to make up for everything that you missed in the past few months.

They have a lot of offers in beers and alcoholic drinks. Ask the waiter politely and I am sure he will be happy to help. Not only that! Sing and dance late till night like you did before, as they have Karaoke night, ladies night and other interesting events at the venue.

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If any of these also happen to be the favourite hangout spot of your group do send us a selfie of your group, and we have a surprise gift for you! After all let’s cherish that our favourite watering holes have started operating!

by Vaibhav Lal