4th July, 2017

What is going to happen to Bangalore, the city of pubs and discos without booze? Don't worry we have something for you!

In the past week, HighApe got around 1500 enquiries in the form of messages, calls and emails. Everyone was confused, some even baffled when they got to know many pubs and bars in Bangalore will not serve alcohol anymore.

What is the matter?

The day has finally come. According to the ruling by Supreme Court, this law will be enforced from 1 July. Officially all the pubs, bars, clubs or any establishment that serve alcohol and falls within 500 metres of National and State Highways will cease operations partially/completely.

It means any establishment; mostly PBCL (Pubs, Bars, Club, and Lounges) will not be able to sell liquor if it falls within the ambit of MG Road, Brigade Road, and Residency Road. Apart from these roads, the highway also cuts through Indiranagar, Koramangala and other popular spots.

According to a report, In Bangalore, there are around 1400 establishments, both big and small that serve alcohol. With the new law coming into effect on 1 July, around 464 clubs and pubs will be affected. Many popular clubs and pubs of Bangalore like City Bar, Church Street Social, and 13th Floor are vacillating on how to proceed forward. There are other popular clubs like blueFrog and Hard Rock Cafe that is not serving alcohol anymore!

So now what?

While the Pub Owners of Bangalore still has a bleak hope of getting back to square one, this will only be cleared in the days to come. The State Department has to de-notify the roads that cut through Bangalore but fall under State and National Highways list.

Most of the visitors of our website had one question! So, are we done? Can we not party anymore after a long week at work? Also, some of them had particular questions about different venues, whether alcohol will be served or not!

While there are many popular hangout spots where the law is applicable and they won’t be serving booze for the time being. So guys keep calm and trust your friend and nightlife philosopher, HighApe.

Every week we will list down the best parties happening in Bangalore where you can dance in the great music and sip down your favourite cocktail. So guys stay tuned with HighApe, check out our FB page and we will update you with the best party places in Bangalore that also serves alcohol.

by Ragini Arora

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