24th November, 2016

The all time top 10 party songs

Imagine a great party minus the music. Sounds impossible, right? It is indeed almost impossible to have a great night full of booze and food, but no music to dance to. And when it comes to music, the question which almost every time pops up in the head is which are the best party songs? And since we are now talking about party songs, why just discuss the current chartbusters when we can find which the all time top 10 party songs are. You may not hear them at every nightclub you hit or the house parties which your friends throw, but that doesn’t take anything away from the greatest hit ever produced. The songs which are going to be mentioned here have the ability to brighten up any scene and instantly put your feet in the dancing mode. Let’s begin our journey of finding the biggest party hit of all time. #10 Get the party started – Pink One of the biggest selling song by Pink, ‘Get the party started’ is a classic groovy number. With nice rhythmic beats and strong vocals by Pink, this song won hearts all over the world. A great number to start off the countdown of the all time top 10 party songs. #9 Everywhere – Fleetwood Mac One of the biggest chartbusters of the 1980s, Everywhere was actually everywhere. The DJs could never get enough of it, neither the people got tired dancing to the catchy tune of the song in every other nightclub.
  #8 You Shook me All Night Long – AC/DC AC/DC’s first single featuring Brian Johnson as the lead vocalist was not instant hit, but after it got re-released internationally in 1986, the song received tremendous appreciation. You shook me all night long has been a part of almost every live concert of the band, hardly ever missing the setlist.
  #7 Hung Up – Madonna This song by the queen of pop – Madonna, proves why has been given that title. The song has been used in many serials and advertisements, courtesy its foot tapping beats. Not only is this a party anthem, Hung Up is one of the more critically acclaimed songs by Madonna as well.
  #6 Dance, Dance – Fall Out boy Dance, Dance is a full on entertainer with its rhythmic bass line, strong enough to drag to any one to the dance floor. Like Hung Up, Dance, Dance has also been featured in numerous video games and advertisements.
  #5 1999 – Prince   A lot of the songs in this list are from the 1980s and so is 1999. The apocalyptic party anthem is an extremely upbeat song by the superstar - Prince. 1999 brought the defining moment in artist’s career, making him a household name in mainstream music.
#4 Party Rock Anthem – LMFAO One of the best EDM songs of the current generation, Party Rock Anthem is the second best selling digital song in the entire US history. For the first two years after the song was released in 2011, every nightclub in every country played this number infinite times. A modern classic!
  #3 Hey Ya – Outkast There isn’t any song in this list which grows on you, the way Hey Ya does. The simplicity with which it plays with your mind is what differentiates this song from others. Even Outkast weren’t initially aware of that that what a gem they have produced. This is the song which can be used to instantly set the mood on the right track.
  #2 Let’s Get Loud – Jennifer Lopez Let’s Get Loud comes from the popular American singer, also known as J Lo. This song topped several charts around the world and also received a lot of critical acclaim, including a Grammy nomination. This song is purely meant to party and dance like there is no tomorrow.
#1 Don’t Stop ‘til you get enough – Michael Jackson The best party song of all time is one created by the undisputed king of pop music. `This song actually doesn’t let you stop until you get enough. The brilliant creation by Michael Jackson topped every chart soon after its release.  The immense popularity of the song all over the world ensures that ‘Don’t Stop ‘till you get enough’ is the ultimate party song.  

by Supritha Manjunath

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