3rd August, 2017

Perfect blend of medieval and modern, Bangalore is not as costly as you think! Read more to find out..

Did you ever have the misconception that Bangalore is a costly city? Back in my engineering days some of my friends were studying in Bangalore, and one thing that was so common to hear from them was Bangalore sucks out all the money and by the last week of the month, they are already broke.

To be honest, I too had the same misconception about Bangalore, when I first moved in. Little I did know the city can be enjoyed without burning a hole in the pocket. All you need are some great negotiation skills and the zeal to explore the city.

Here are the lists of things that might sound costly but actually is just the opposite.

#1.Partying at this venue at St. Mark’s Road

What if I tell you there are clubs in Bangalore who actually pay you for partying? For now, we have this great place called Café Mojo at St. Marks Road, Bangalore. The place is not that tough in your pocket and you also get a coupon of INR 100 just if you go to this place.

But there is a catch. To avail the offer and the catch, follow this link. There are many more venues in Bangalore where entry is free with certain criteria. For details visit our website.

The cost for two: 1000-1200 bucks

#2.Eating at this café at St. Mark’s Road

What if I say I have a complete super saver package where you can considerably save 1000 bucks without compromising on the fun of the weekend? Now that you already know about Café Mojo, this information will make you even happier!

Truffles is located just below café Mojo. It is one of the best cafes that serve burgers and a lot more. The reason why I am emphasizing on the burgers is that I like their burgers here more than Mc. Donald’s. They taste awesome and are reasonably priced.

For the best burger places in Bangalore check this out.

Cost for two: 600-800 bucks

#3.Museums near MG Road

Bangalore is a fusion of modern and medieval culture. The cultural heritage of the city sits at MG Road and adjoining areas.

The State Archaeological museum built in 1876 by Colonel Sankey is located within the park. Some of the historical remains that are displayed in the museum are antiquities from Mohenjodaro, coins and stone inscriptions from Vijayanagara and Halebid architecture.

Kempegowda Museum is another such museum where all the artefacts and stuff related to the Kempegowda, the founder of Bangalore is curated and stored. It is a great place to know about the history and past of Bangalore.

Apart from that, you can also visit the National Military memorial park, Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technical museum and  HAL Aerospace museum that is located very nearby to MG road.

#4.Chilling at Cubbon Park and Adjoining areas

Chilling at this place apparently, costs you nothing. It is a nice place to sit in the evenings. It is a nice place for morning walkers and joggers. With a wide variety of trees, both exotic and indigenous can be seen here in the park.

Among them, the Silver Oak trees that were imported from Australia to Bangalore decorate the roads in the park. Some of the important colonial building stands at the vicinity of the park. One such building is the Attara Kacheri, built in 1864 by the British. It is a two storied building built in Gothic style.Presently the building serves as the Karnataka High Court.


by Ragini Arora

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