24th May, 2017

Are you craving for Burgers? Read about these 5 places in Bangalore to satiate your taste buds

There was a time when burgers were the essential food in the American household. But if you think Burger has American roots you are missing a fact. Actually the term ‘burger’ is the short form of Hamburger. Hamburger was brought to the USA by the German immigrants who came to the USA before 1900. However, it was made popular by the American folks only during the Great Wars.

Also, you will be amazed to know burgers were called the Liberty Sandwich because the American soldiers did not want to use a German name. If you go abroad and ask for a veg burger you will be laughed at. Because there is no such dish that they know of. Also beef is the most preferred meat for burgers. However, when McDonald's launched its outlets in India it had to replace the beef burgers with veg burgers.

Easy to eat and with each bite the mouth is filled with the juiciness of the flavour of the grilled meat, cheese and ketchup. The feeling is just awesome. Now I am sure you can imagine the taste and happiness burgers bring to your life. It will be a great injustice if I don’t write about the best 4 burger joints in Bangalore.

#1. Connie’s Restaurant & Steakhouse, Kammanahalli

This food outlet located at Nehru Road is a nice place. It is famous for Steak, Barbeque and Burgers. Apart from these they also serve Continental, American and European cuisines. I will write more about the food, but first, let’s talk a little about the ambience and service of Connie’s. The interior décor is very homely that makes you feel comfortable and peaceful.

The service of Conner’s is promising and you will not regret going to this place. The staffs are courteous, friendly and know about their menu. If you have a small appetite, then take your friends with you who are big time foodies. Connie’s portions are big as they believe in PGA “People with a giant appetite".

Dishes that you should try here:

Even though this place is a paradise for meat lovers and burger lovers, they have a lot more to offer than these. If you are going to this for the 1st time you can try Chicken Wings, Pork Sizzler, Pork Ribs, Beef Burger, and Jack Daniels Beef Steak. In the desserts, you can try Caramel Custard, waffles and dark chocolate mousse.

Burgers at a Glance

Connie's Restaurant has 4 varieties of meat to choose from for burgers. You can choose from chicken, lamb, beef and pork for the patty. At Connie's all the burgers are served with cheese and potato wedges. Some of the burgers that I would recommend are:

  • BBQ Chicken Burger
  • Jack Daniels Chicken Burger
  • Jalapeno Spiced Lamb Burger
  • Soul Chicken Burger

You can replace the choice of the patty. Connie also has a variety of sauces from all around the world, like Diane Sauce, Chasseur Sauce and much more. However, you can ask the suggestions from the waiter and you will not be disappointed.

#2. Monkey Bar, Indiranagar


Monkey Bar is located at 12th main, 80 Feet Main Road at Indiranagar. Even though this food joint serves North Indian, Asian and European cuisines, Burgers at Monkey Bar is of the next level. Along with a wide range of burgers on their menu, they are also known for their innovative cocktails.

Talking of the ambience, they have a cosy ambience, and a pool ambience that keeps your group occupied until you are carried away by the aroma of the burgers. The lighting, posters and brick shade of the walls gives the place a funky look. Complemented with the dance floor the ambience makes you groove in the music.

Dishes that you should try here:

Monkey Bar is definitely not the place if you want to chit-chat with your friends. Essentially this place is more of a pub with DJ and dance floor. However, that should not stop you from going to this place for the awesome burgers that you get there. If you happen to be at this place try their beef old school burger, pork Cuban sandwich, and Mobar burger. Also if your craving of the burger is satiated then you can also go for Dal Pakwan, Butterfly Chicken, Dabeli, Keema Bao, and Pandi Curry.

Burgers at a Glance

They have different varieties of meat that you can choose from for the patty of the burger. The Greek Style Lamb is made of Cavender's-spiced lamb patty, cilantro pesto casted cheese, and spiced onions. With the 1st bite, you can't imagine the feeling.  You might also want to try Old School beef burger. Made from beef patty, American cheese, pickles, mustard and smoked ketchup. To sum up I would say they have a variety of burgers and to try the awesomeness that it brings along, you have to be at this place more than once.

#3. Millers 46, Vasanth Nagar

Millers 46 is a casual dining place located at Millers Road, Vasanth Road. This place serves steak, American and Continental cuisines. The service of Millers 46 is pretty efficient and the staffs are well trained and courteous.

The ambience of this place gives you the rustic feeling with the wooden décor and interiors. It looks awesome and with the food of Millers 46, the experience is just awesome. Since this blog is mostly about the best burgers places in Bangalore we will talk more about that.

Dishes that you should try here:

Since this place has kick-ass burgers you can try their Bacon Burger, Millers Hamburger, Crunchy Chicken Burger and Deluxe Bacon Burger. Apart from the burgers, you can also try Chicken Wings, Veg Sizzler, Pork Ribs, and Beef Steak.

Burgers at a Glance

As said before Millers is popular among food enthusiasts mainly for their out of the box Burgers. The house special Miller Hamburger costs around 200 bucks and is topped with mayo, herb butter, and veggies. You can also try the Texan Steak Sandwich that comes with a lot of cheese gherkins, sauteed onion and juicy steak. If you are a veggie even then they have something for you. You can try the Grilled veggie burger. All their burgers come with fries and Coleslaw.

#4. Peppa Zzing, Infantry Road

Peppa Zzing located at Infantry Road is a casual dining restaurant. They are famous for their Kickass burgers. Apart from the regular American cuisines and fast food you can see a lot of people flocking this popular food joint for their Peppa Zzing burger.

If you are in love with burgers definitely try their T-Rex burgers and Whammy Burgers, The ambience is pretty decent with colourful walls that make your eating experience even more awesome.

Dishes that you should try here:

Of course, this place is known for the burgers but there are much more than this. If you are here only for burgers you can also try their Beef Burger, Steak Burger, Whopper Burger, Chicken Burger, and Veg Burger apart from the ones I wrote above. You can also try their chicken wings, steak & mash, and chicken cheese fries.

Burgers at a Glance

If you are going to Peppa zing, a piece of advice is to go there empty stomach, because the burgers are huge and you have to mess up your hands. Try their Cheese burst Lamb burgers. Filled with a lot of cheese and perfectly cooked lamb steak you will experience heaven with every bite. The monster and whopper burgers are as large as your face. If you in no mood to negotiate with your taste buds definitely go for extra toppings of mustard onions, mushroom, jalapenos and pickled gherkins.

#5. Once Upon A Flame, HSR

Once Upon A Flame located at HSR is a casual dining restaurant. Known mostly for their burgers they also serve Steak and Continental cuisines. The ambience is cosy and the overall experience will be awesome. The service at this place is pretty awesome. The waiters are well informed about their dishes and courteous.

Dishes that you should try here:

Of course, this place is famous mostly for the burgers but apart from those you can also try their Pork Sizzler, Chicken Steak, Mashed Potato, Beef Steak, Mash Potato, and Alfredo Pasta.

 Burgers at a Glance
The burgers at Once Upon a Flame are tossed in BBQ, Jack Daniel or Pepper Sauce and served with cheese and potato wedges. You can choose the meat for the patty. Apart from chicken, beef, pork and lamb, you can also order patty made of fish or shrimp. And since they have a 'Flame' in their names you get all the burgers grilled. If you are a vegetarian then nothing to worry, you can order the veg patty burger.

 There are many more food joints that have awesome burgers, great food and drinks. Tell us about them as well. For more articles visit our website www.highape.com

by Ragini Arora

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