30th August, 2016

Best Places To Have Midnight Buffets In Bangalore - The Night Goes On And So Does The Food!

What do you do when the whole city is sleeping, but you are hungry and awake, craving for food? And not some ordinary food, but the delicious type. One thing you can do is check out some food delivery app and order online. But there is a second option as well, and it’s way more interesting. I am talking about midnight buffets at some of the best venues in Bangalore. Yes, they are a thing, if you didn’t know about it already. Most of the venues in this list are 5 stars, but they aren’t as expensive as you would think. Here I will be talking about the best places to party in Bangalore with your night owls, and you won’t be disappointed. You can find a variety of buffets at these brilliant all night open venues in Bangalore, from continental to pure desi ones, there is nothing you won’t find even at 2 am. You just need to look at the right place. They are also great for planning surprise birthday parties for your friends and then eat till the sun come out. So let’s have a look at what Bangalore has in store for your midnight hunger pangs. #5 ITC Windsor ITC Windsor Raj Pavilion is the place you should be looking for at ITC Windsor, Sankey Road, if you bump into this grand hotel in the middle of the night. Otherwise famous for its amazing Sunday brunches, Raj Pavilion offers some great North Indian dishes in their buffet, proving to be an absolute delight for people with an appetite of traditional Punjabi items.
#4 Sterlings Mac Hotel Sterlings mac hotel The restaurant which will be at your service at any point of the day in Sterlings Mac Hotel is 20 Char. The place is also as interesting as its name. You will find food from Indian, Chinese and Continental cuisine over here, so no matter what you or your friends like, there will always be something for everyone.
#3 Royal Orchid Central Pinxx This is perhaps one of the most economical midnight buffets you can have in Bangalore. Their cafe Pinxx may not have a huge menu, but whatever offer tastes delicious. Generally you find items like biryanis, parathas and traditional Indian curries, but the best apart about them is that they constantly change the menu, giving something different their regular customers each time.
#2 ITC Gardenia ITC Gardenia Generally people don’t really care much about what kind of food it is until and unless it tastes good, but if you are not one of those then Cubbon Pavilion at ITC Gardenia is where you should be going. Mid-Eastern, South Indian, western, Japanese, Indian and God knows what more, you get all these cuisines here in the middle of the night. It’s certainly a place for people who love options.
#1 JW Marriot JW Marriot JW Kitchen of the lavish JW Marriot is certainly the king of midnight buffets in Bangalore. They are top notch in every department, be it variety, quality or ambience. For people with a sweet tooth, this place is heaven as they serve over 5 kinds of desserts, and all of them are an absolute treat to the taste buds. You will have to shed a little more here, when compared to other places, but that should not be a problem when are looking at the best meal you can possibly have at any point of the day, let alone be midnight.   You know how sometimes people say – it’s never too late, well these places literally mean it. There are few other places as well which are open throughout the night, but the ones mentioned above should be on your priority list, because they are top 5 midnight buffet places in Bangalore.

by Supritha Manjunath

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