19th May, 2017

7 Places in Bangalore for a family outing

Bangalore has a vibrant and young crowd. Most of them are working in the IT industry that has a 5 days work week. It means the weekends are pretty awesome for them. With so many bars, pubs and clubs it is absolutely a heaven for the young crowd. There are different types of pubs, bars, lounges and clubs that caters the need of people different tastes. For example, you will find so many football fans in the sports bar like Xtreme Sports Bar. Then there are guys who love Bollywood or EDM, and there are pubs for them as well. But let's say this week your parents are visiting Bangalore, and you want to take them out for dinner. Confused? Let me throw some light on the places where you can take your parents/ kids for a family outing.

#1. Barbeque Nation, JP Nagar

Are you a foodie? If yes, then this place is nothing new for you. I am sure you must have been to this place atleast once before. Located at 3rd Phase, JP Nagar this place is a nice place to take your parents to. As most pubs and clubs are packed with people and play loud music, it is very difficult to talk. Also parents might not like the ambience and atmosphere of the pubs that we love. Generation gap you know. ;) Barbeque Nation is a food joint best know for buffet style lunch. They serve North Indian, European and Mediterranean cuisines. Their USP is the starters and kebabs. You can also experience the fun of live grill when the skewers on sizzling charcoal arrive on the table. The smoky flavour fills the air inside Barbeque Nation and the experience will be amazing.

Recommended Dishes to try out:

Apart from grilled chicken, you can also try Mutton Curry, Veg Biryani, Brownie, Chicken Biryani, Faluda, Phirni, and Crab Cake. If you love seafood Barbeque Nation should be your destination. Prawn Barbeque Skewer is definitely worth a try. You can try their Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese and Lebanese twists.

#2. Echoes, Koramangala

Echoes is a great place located at 5th Block Koramangala. It has an unique concept. This place is run by differently-abled staff. You have to write your orders rather than speaking it out. This makes the place pretty quiet. It is difficult to find such place in the hustle-bustle of Bangalore. A perfect place to take your family out for a lunch or dinner. The ambience and the vibe of Echoes are great. The wall has an image that shows how the alphabets are expressed in sign language. This place will make you realise the efficiency of differently abled staff of the place is no different from ours. The staff is extremely pleasant and the service at Echoes is great. Now coming to the food, they serve 4 different cuisines; American, Chinese, Continental and Chinese cuisines. There are evenings when you can also experience live music.

Recommended Dishes to try out:

Some of the dishes that you can try at Echoes are Waffles, Tandoori Momos, Fiery Chicken, Creamy Cheese Pasta, Peri Peri Chicken, Nachos. Try the Falafel platter if you want to try Lebanese cuisine. The chef at Echoes is pretty creative and you can experience that too if you try their butter chicken pizza or an Afghani pizza.

#3. Onesta, Koramangala

Onesta is a cafe known for it's awesome pizza. Located in different locations of Bangalore like JP Nagar, Koramangala, and Indiranagar it is a paradise for Pizza lovers. If your parents love pizza, definitely they will love this place. Their pizza has a different twist. If you are visiting the place for the 1st time try the Farmhouse Pizza. They don't have any external element or DJ playing which makes the place parent friendly and conversation friendly! This place is known for the combo of unlimited pizza and dessert combo. Talking about the ambience and the quality of service at Onesta, you won't be disappointed. The staff is well trained and polite. You can also take your Tommy, Sheru or Lucy with you at this place, as Onesta is pet-friendly.

Recommended Dishes to try out: 

If you are here only for pizza, apart from Farmhouse pizza try their BBQ Chicken and Chicken Stuffed Crust Margherita. Apart from loads of cheese this Chicken Stuffed Crust Margherita pizza comes with chicken stuffed crust. Apart from pizza, also try the Ravioli and Lasagna. Onesta's chef is an Italian and hence you get to eat the true flavours of Italy.

#4. Eat Street, Koramangala

Eat Street located at 6th Block, Koramangala has a great concept of dining. They have a large number of stalls inside the place and you can choose from them. Also, the place is pocket-friendly. Next time your parents are in Bangalore definitely take them here. At the entrance, they have an autorickshaw and brass vessels through which water keeps flowing. The enclosure has stalls for different cuisines. The ambience of Eat Street is really appealing. On the days of cricket or football matches, they have live sports screening. The ambience really gives you the vibe of Street food but in a way enhances your overall experience. The seating arrangement if this place is unique and made of drums and vegetable carts. Also, you can enjoy live musical gigs at Eat Street.

Recommended Dishes to try out:

Try the Indian Lamb Burger, a variety of Biriyanis with their own twist, and the breakfast that you get throughout the day. In the breakfast, you can try the different variety of pancakes, omelettes and veggie platter. If you are craving for chaat and Indian snacks you can satiate that too by trying out the raj kachori, tokri chat and kachori chat.

#5. Glen's bakehouse, Indiranagar

Glen's Bakehouse located in Indiranagar is not the place where you would take your parents for a full-fledged lunch or supper. But this place is for those who are done eating are hopping places looking for desserts. If you are taking your kids for an outing definitely take them to this place. They will like it and be a good boy/girl for their daddy/mommy. ;) The ambience of this place enables a chilled-out feeling. It has a lovely ambience and decor.Actually, this place is a Bungalow that has been renovated to look like a cafe. So the atmosphere of this place makes you feel awesome and spending time here gives you homely feeling.

 Recommended Dishes to try out:

ince this place is mainly to satiate your craving for a sweet tooth. Try their different flavours of cakes and rolls. Try their Cinnamon Rolls, Banana Walnut cake and Apple Cake. If you are here for pizza try their BBQ Chicken frontier or Paneer Goes Mexican.Apart from the above-said dishes, you can also try Hot Chocolate, Chocolate Fudge, Chicken Quiche.

#6. Dice N Dine, Koramangala

Dice N Dime located at 5th block Koramangala is a great place for a family outing. This place has a wide range of cuisines ranging from European to Thai and Continental to Italian. They have a range of board games. So if your kids are with you, they would like this place. Everything about this place is so perfect. Be it the ambience, the service or the fun and entertainment. This place has a lot to give. The whole ambience and decor of the place are kept black and white. For entertainment, they have a large variety of Board games that involves a dice. Hence the name 'Dine N Dice'. Coming to the service of the restaurant the place has efficient and friendly staff with prompt staff.

Recommended Dishes to try out:

They serve a wide range of cuisines from all over the world. You can choose from Continental, European, Thai and Italian cuisines. Some of the dishes that you should definitely try here are Spaghetti, Chicken Club Sandwich, Nachos, Pita Bread, Cilantro Fish, and Ferrero Rocher Shake.

#7. Here & Now, HSR

Some places have great ambience, some have great desserts and some have great lunch and buffets. Here & Now have great breakfast throughout the day. After all, they live with the age-old saying "Have your breakfast like a king". Pancakes, Fries, Omelette, Club Sandwich you name it, they have it. Even if it is not a family outing definitely try out this place. Here & Now has a room filled with different board games like  Foosball table, Carrom board to keep you occupied while you wait for your turn for a table. They also have a great collection of books, with an awesome ambience. The walls are filled with beautiful quotes that will urge your mind to think deeper about stuff.

Recommended Dishes to try out:

Some of the breakfast dishes on their menu are 'Nice to Meat You', 'All-Mighty English Breakfast', 'Vegetably Yours' & 'Hash Hotchpotch'. Some other dishes that you may also like to devour are Waffles, Pancakes, Fries, Omelette, Club Sandwich, and Chocolate Shake. A great place to take your kids/parents for a hearty breakfast.

by Ragini Arora

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