12th June, 2017

5 Reasons Why Your Pets are Not Just Animals but Family

If you have a pet at your home, you can very well connect with the emotion. Dogs particularly with their warmth and love for you make you feel special and loved. When I had a dog at my home, just by looking at his face I forgot all the worries. One glance of their innocent eyes made me feel how much I meant to my dog. The warmth of the breath and the way he wanted to be cuddled always.

We brought Bruno when he was still a pup. I had heard many people saying only Pedigree bred dogs are cute and lovable. I don’t agree to it. Bruno was an Indie breed. We brought him from the street. But as far as care was concerned, we left no stones unturned to keep him healthy and safe. Now that we lost him 5 years back, it has left a void in our family.

I remember all the times when I used to stay awake because Bruno was sick. He needed me by his side to fall asleep and then only I could rest.  I am sure if you have a doggie at home you can relate to everything that I am writing here. Here are the 5 reasons that make your doggie not just a pet, but a vital part of your family.

#1. You plan your outing keeping in mind for your pooch.


It was no different with Bruno. If we had to go out of the city, there were only a few people whom I trusted where Bruno could be happy. I had to go someplace for a week and on return, I could literally hear Bruno’s happiness. Jumping, singing in his doggie voice and licking all over the face.

#2. Your monthly shopping includes doggie grooming products as well.


How can anyone ignore to pamper their pooches! If you have a dog then doggie perfumes, shampoo, powders and toothbrush, is included in your monthly grocery.


#3. You’re very serious about keeping your footwears in the box.


If your puppy is growing new teeth it is very difficult to control them from chewing anything that he comes across. It is always suggested to buy a Chew toy for your pooch lest it should chew the shoes of the guests and yours as well

#4. You hate when your guests act strangely because your dog is present.

I understand some people are allergic to dogs but that can be conveyed politely to the doggo’s human friend. I don’t understand why to behave in a way as if the pet is untouchable. I seriously don’t entertain such people. If you love my dog then you can sit on the couch or else it’s better we stand and talk.


#5. You are compelled to live a healthy life because you have your best friend with you 24x7.

I consider myself lucky because my office is pet-friendly. In fact, my doggie friend has many more human friends apart from me. They are my office mates. And my dog is pampered there as well. Taking him out for routine morning and evening walk makes me fitter as well.

By the way, if you are looking for a perfect Sunday outing with your pooch, here is a very special event coming up in Bangalore on 22nd April. It's Wooofstock, celebrating the special bond between a man and a dog, happening at Pebble - The Jungle Lounge. Even if you are not one but want to spend a day with the furry creatures filled with love don’t miss this event.

Check out this link for more details.

by Vaibhav Lal

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