25th May, 2017

5 best food joints in Bangalore for Street Food

In the last few articles, I wrote at length about the best burger joints in Bangalore and the best places in Bangalore for buffet lunch. But my dear foodies, the love for food does not stop just here. I mean let’s be pragmatic; we cannot go for buffet lunches every day. The same stands true for eating burgers. Not only eating burgers every day burn a hole in your pocket, it is not healthy as well. However, as a foodie, who cares about health as long as the food gives you a feeling of ecstasy. Well, in this blog I am writing about the awesome food joints where you can enjoy the street food. You can eat them for breakfast, lunch or as evening snacks and still save more than you spend on a single meal at a posh restaurant.      

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#1. Hari Super Sandwich, Jayanagar


If there is some food on which the whole Bangalore junta depends upon is the Juice and Sandwich shops. Oh yes, you see them at every corner of the street. So if there are so many sandwich joints, what makes this place out of the box? Even I had the same question until my colleague and a self-proclaimed food explorer took me to this food joint. You get Chocolate Sandwiches here that is just out of the box. Maybe you have eaten chocolate sandwiches before, but the chocolate sandwich at Hari Super Sandwich is just awesome, and inarguably the best one in Bangalore. The best part of this joint is it is absolutely pocket-friendly. The Chocolate Sandwich that I tried here costs a meagre 35 bucks. Isn’t it awesome! Apart from the awesome sandwiches they also serve Pizza and Burgers. However, I did not try the pizza but my colleague who tried it spoke greatly about the pizza as well. So definitely that’s also something you should try. The only thing here that meat lovers might not like is they only serve vegetarian dishes. But having said that, the veg dishes are absolutely delicious and out of the box! You can also try Panipuri, Sevpuri, Bhelpuri, Cheese Sandwich, and Corn Sandwich. So next time you are around 22nd Cross, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore don’t forget to visit this awesome food joint.

#2.Anand Sweets and Savouries, 5th Block Koramangala


Anand Sweets and Savouries located in Koramangala is a place where you can satiate your craving for sweets. This place is definitely not the place where you would go if you are diabetic, lest you want to raise your blood sugar level. In an occasion, I happened to stumble upon at this food joint and could not stop myself from trying 5-6 varieties of their sweet. Apart from sweets they also serve desserts and bakes, but you have to visit this place more than once to try all the awesome sweets that they sell. I don’t think visiting this place will be very costly for you as this place is pocket-friendly. If you happen to be at this place definitely try their Gulab Jamuns. They are so soft and melt in your mouth instantly. If you want to try something spicy, try their Bhelpuri, Mirchi pakoda and mix chaat. If you are here for lunch go for their tawa paranthas without thinking! They are just awesome. Apart from these, you can also try their Chole Bhature, Rasmalai, Paneer Tikka, Paw Bhaji and motichur laddoos.

#3.Kaapi Katte, Rajarajeshwari Nagar


This place is a small food joint located at 3rd Stage, Nehru Nagar, BEML Layout. This is a perfect place for breakfast. They only serve vegetarian food. The place is pocket-friendly. For the breakfast, you can try their peanut bun butter, bun butter jam, samosa bun butter and kachori bun butter. In the morning when there is a lot of rush for office goers, you will find a lot of people for breakfast here. Despite the crowd, this place is well managed and looks hygienic. You can also try their cold beverages. If you happen to be at this place definitely try their mango shake, hot chocolate fudge ice-cream and citrus blue mocktail. They also serve South Indian breakfast. Try the masala dosa, vada and Rava idly. The food portions are small are perfect for breakfast. Considering the cost and portion size you can try many dishes at a very low price. This also ensures food is not wasted. So next time if you missed your morning breakfast this place can be ideal for breakfast.

  #4.Fat Sindhi, 5th Block Koramangala


Fat Sindhi, as the name suggests, is a food joint that serves Sindhi cuisines apart from fast food and street food. I heard a lot about this place and one day decided to go there. This place is fairly small and that is the only thing that I felt should be changed. But when it comes to food this food joint can give competition to big and fancy restaurants in Bangalore. If you love Non-Veg food try their special keema cutlet. Filled with spices and served with pav. this keema dish is what made me a fan of this place. If you here for a heavy meal like lunch then go for chicken or mutton meal. It contains tawa parathas, rice, chicken, sabzi or dal and papad. The mutton meal also has the same things except for mutton keema and mutton curry. Once you are done with the meal you should also try their Gulab Jamun. If you are a vegetarian no need to worry. They also have veg dishes that are awesome. Try their Dal Pakwan. It comes with crisp puri, channa dal, and tamarind & mint chutney if you are only for quick bites food. All the dishes have a Sindhi twist and your visit to this place will be awesome. Some other dishes that you can try are Chandan Sharbat, Mutton Keema Pav, Koki Paratha, and Chicken Curry with Tawa Paratha.

#5.Sri Sairam’s Chats and Juice, Malleshwaram


This food joint is famous for spicy chaats. Located near the Kadu Malleshwaram Temple, this place only serves vegetarian dishes. They also serve fresh fruit juices. The service at this food joint is extremely quick. If you are in hurry and hungry at the same time, this food joint would come to your rescue. So if you are staying nearby and did not notice this place yet because of its modest size, it’s high time you try their chaats. I bet you will become a regular customer here. Even though this space is not very large but there is no compromise on the cleanliness and hygiene. Also, this place is ultra-pocket friendly and has quite a large variety of chaats. If you are unable to decide what to try at this place, you can try Disco Chaat, Bhelpuri, crazy chaat and Sai Ram special chaat.

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by Ragini Arora

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