10 years back ElectroVibe was formed with an idea, a mission to spread the vibe of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) in northeast.

The idea was simple, yet the journey was challenging. Musically, northeast has always been passionate, but EDM was only known to a few.

However, in no time, the party scene in this region changed. And over the years, we’ve molded our self to adapt with the changing trends of music and bring artists likewise.

We are the pioneers in this region who didn’t only bring in the biggies of the industry, both international and national artists, but also gave a platform to celebrate music. Today, we have a loyal following which is growing with every party.
Artists such as John 00 Fleming (Uk), Paul Thomas (UK), Ambivalent (Germany) TALAMASCA (france), VIBE TRIBE (Israel), ZEN MECHANICS (Netherlands), MENOG (Portugal), VERTICAL MODE (ISRAEL), SONiC SPECiES (UK), MAD MAXX (USA), MAJOR 7 (Israel), SYMBOLIC (Israel), Nikhil Chinapa, (india), PEARL (India), NAWED KHAN (India), ANKYTRIXX (India), Arjun Vagale (india), and the legend 1200 MICS (Ibiza) had taken their place behind the console to sway the northeast crowd. And by the end of the show, they were awestruck by the energy, something which they didn’t expect. It’s because we share the same vibe which makes our parties so full of life.

The two Submerge outdoor events organized by ElectroVibe in Guwahati in 2013 were the biggest events the city has ever witnessed. While the crowd went crazy with the music a

Past Events (1)
New Year's Eve Party 2019 Ft DJ PINAR 88 %
New Year's Eve Party 2019 Ft DJ PINAR
Dec 31
New Year's Eve Party 2019 Ft DJ PINAR
Monday 06:00 PM - The Residency Resort · Dispur · Guwahati
Dj Night
· Concert
· Outdoor Adventure
· Nation Wide
· New Years Eve 2019
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