Magica 10th Year Anniversary Celebration

Multiple days 10:00 AM - Oh Magic View · Ram Mandir Marg · NCR

Magica Global events & Entertainments Present 3 days Festival for 10th anniversary on 23, 24 , 25 June 2022 kasol parvati valley India  

Rebirth of universe Year 2012 , We Dream a vision. A vision to combine feelings with sounds and offer a unique, immersive trance dance experiences. To make impossible things possible, a friendly space with Magical Vibes was needed, where people could feel free and connect to the roots of their existence. 

What better place could it be, Rather then Himalayas, in the laps of  Mama Parvati Valley, Kasol where it all begins .

We Recieved all the information we could, in order to make sure  that things falls in places, little did we know, More we learn & Achieve. How to Analysis Dreams from our visions and where to begin and let it shine , we initiated our first Magica Ceremony  in 2012.

This year in 2022, we completed a decade of Magica festival, we faced a lot of difficulties, professionally, personally and financially but we decided to stand strong amidst all the society values and rules, in order to give you a uplift each year, with our musical and visual articulation.

We travelled from  mountains to  beach and from north to  south , east to west  and this could only possible with all your love , power , unity & support, years after years, we could transmit our ideas, in to action and managed to carefully craft international and national artists from the Globe to share with us & you the best experiences .

We are super excited to celebrate our anniversary this year with yet another exceptional lineup.

Special thanks to 

  • Kingurjapati
  • Chromaderma
  • Magical Crew 

They sowed the seed for this celebration since 2012 which is now grown in to a magical mystical family tree .
Much love and respect to all the Musicians, Deco team, field team who made Magica happen.

Demoniac Insomniac (Active Meditation Music)(Special Birthday Live Set)🇲🇰
Voyd Realm (Noise Poison Records)🇮🇳
Chromaderma (Karmatec Records) 🇮🇳
Kingurjapati (Magica/Sangeetha Shastra/Full Power Vision Records) 🇮🇳
Cosmic illusion (Patronous Records) 🇮🇳
Astrida (Digital Distortion Records) 🇬🇧
Dharma (Fairy Forest Crew) 🇮🇳
Lazerdrot (Full Power Vision Records) 🇮🇳
Astra (Yoksha Records) 🇮🇳
Shivadelik (Dikkapal Records) 🇮🇳
Chemical Brain (Old School Crew) 🇮🇳
Ashva (Magica Records) 🇮🇳
Psynyaasii (Cosmic Crew Records) 🇮🇳
kapara g (Independent ) 🇮🇳
Spectral Ghoul (Independent) 🇮🇳
Goadelic Joy (Magica Records) 🇮🇳
Nitesha (Fairy Forest Crew, Parvati Valley, India)

Dj Dani (Shivalinga Records, Pushkar, India)
Sacred Geometry (Psy-formation Records( Coorg, India) 🇮🇳

More act will be added soon stay tuned stay updated for Massive line up 2022 Kasol Parvati Hill India 🇮🇳

Fire & LED Show by
Psyfire (United Kingdom 🇬🇧) 
Movie & Photography 
Ishaanranaphotography - India 


*Organizers/Venues are solely responsible for the service, availability and quality of the events including all or any cancellations/modifications/complaints.
Know about Location & Place
Address :

Parvati River Bridge, Ram Mandir Marg, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh 175105, India

Top Performers of the event
Bio :

Here comes a soul with Miracle to heal the rebirth of universe to keep it beautiful forever n ever , Kingurjapati synchronise with the energy of the surrounding by the vibration of your vibes into tunes to make you jamming up on your feet ,yes Kingurjapati is one of magicians of this mystical universe .kingurjapati thought of cure miracle with his experience mythlogy grooving dancing viberation , This is an page for all the Beautiful souls in universe who want to make the people manifest on Kingurjapati tunes & VIBES . Explore , Learn , Teach and Share all the knowledge and give this universe some Magical vibes. Join Kingurjapati for this evolution of Mind , Karma , Time , ♥ , Space , Happiness , Unity , Peace , Magic & Miracle .

" Aum Natrajay Namah "

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