21st July, 2017

Worried what to wear this week for party? Read this blog to know more...

Admit it guys, after finishing a week at your 9-5 job, partying in the weekend is the easiest and the best thing to get your legs stretched. However, choosing what to wear is another headache that might motivate you to cancel the long needed weekend masti.

I can very much relate to the problem that most of the guys face. Sanjay, one of my friends boasts he is one of the very few people who can actually get ready in 5 minutes. But as the saying goes, Easier said than done, this time he was to meet his tinder match for the first time in a pub in Bangalore.

Trust me guys all hell broke loose, and I had never seen Sanjay so panicked about what to wear for this party. But this time I was of very little help. This time he called one of his female friends from work and she shared her much-coveted gyan with us.

I felt it my moral responsibility to all the fellow single and taken men who find it nightmarish to decide what to wear in the parties without making them look like Govinda (ok I like his acting but his dressing sense sucks!)

#1.Avoid wearing tight fitting jeans or T-shirts if you are an average office guy!

Okay, I am not saying, 9-5 job guys don’t have great bodies, but considering the lifestyle only a few handfuls can claim that they have the Herculean physique. At the same time don’t wear a baggy pant that makes you look like Aladdin from the Arabian Nights.

The best option is to go for low rise jeans that are neither too baggy nor skin fit. Pick up a dark coloured t-shirt that does not dominate your man boobs if you have one.

#2.Try tailored Shirts with fitted necks and wrists

This might sound a little strange at first, but wearing a fitted shirt will not only make you feel comfortable but also look smart. Just a personal piece of suggestion, don’t wear florally patterned unless it’s a Hawaiian party.

A combination of a fitted shirt and dark coloured jeans always looks classy.

#3.Flaunt your Hip Hop party wear

Go for it guys, but if it is a date as well I would suggest looking for something else from your wardrobe.

Recently Attitude Clothing, a brand endorsed by the Caribbean hitter Chris Gayle, has launched perfect party wears. You can check out there t-shirts, hoodies, denim, caps and sweatshirts. The reason why I am telling this is because; no clothing chain that I know of sells perfect hip hop party wear.

#4.Shoes is as important as your attire.

This is where even the sassiest of the guys get bowled. Basically, there is a common misconception that shoes are often overlooked, but trust me, guys, even I gave in to this googly. Open slippers are a total turn off if you are going out for a date.

A loafer, Sneakers or casual leather shoes that complement your jeans or chinos is perfect for partying. However, there are anecdotal evidence when guys were turned down by girls because they were wearing sports shoe.

#5.Semi-formals are never out of style

If you think your wardrobe is sparsely populated, then go for semi-formals (assuming you at least have semi formals to wear).

Choose a trendy or casual shirt and wear it with chinos. You can also sport a blazer to look classy.

by Ragini Arora