3rd August, 2018

Watering Hole Series: Indiranagar Bar Hopping on a Budget

We are back with the second installment of the Watering Hole series. While Indiranagar is happening with its classy pubs and cutesy cafes and ~fancy~ crowd, it is not especially full of budget places. We’ve gathered it’s quite hard to get sloshed in Indiranagar with just about 500 bucks if you’ve got a great capacity, but hey, these places look promising and won’t burn a hole in your pocket!


1) Pecos Stones

Anybody who loves beer and good music knows Pecos is synonymous with amazing. Be it the sun or the rain, beer flows in plenty here and is best enjoyed with some mouthwatering manchurian. Pecos has a couple of outlets in Bangalore and the one in Indiranagar is perhaps the best one. Unlike most other pubs in town, Pecos plays some quality rock music- therefore, a good time is a guarantee!

What you can get for INR 500: 4-5 mugs of beer


2) Jonah’s

Jonah’s is a pleasant little establishment in HAL 2nd stage. They have an unlimited menu valid until November of this year, and it looks like quite a steal (4 pints of beer at INR 399, offers on cocktails, sangria and more). Even otherwise, the alcohol is priced reasonably.

What you can get for INR 500: 5 mugs of beer. Between 3-4 pegs of rum, gin.


3) Regular’s Pub and Grub

Regular’s is an intimate little space with some delightful drinks and absolutely scrumptious food. Check out the Mangalorean cuisine and wash it down with beer. The choice of wine cocktails is also interesting.

What you can get for INR 500: 4-5 mugs of beer.



Stands for Been There Done That. This is a relatively new pub in Indiranagar. People are flocking here in numbers and with good reason. If you’re broke but still feel the need to impress, BTDT is your best bet. Their cocktails are nothing short of intoxicating and tasty- the pitchers for INR 900 are a steal indeed. BTDT during the happy hours are especially good on your pocket.

What you can get for INR 500: 3 beers. 3-4 pegs of rum/whiskey/gin.


5) Swing

You give Cirrus a makeover- you get Swing, except that, not much has changed. While the dancefloor and the lights can get flashy, the crowds are usually high spirited, you can always expect an old school kind of good time here. A shout out to the Mangalorean cuisine, as authentic as it gets.

What you can get for INR 500: 4 mugs of beer. Between 3-4 pegs of rum, vodka, gin, brandy.


And as they say, work hard so you can party harder!


by Supritha Manjunath

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