23rd August, 2017

Valar Morghulis - Here's why GOT Fans in Bangalore are going to die this Friday!

Now that it’s official, Bangalore will see the best GoT fan meet up and party at Klinx this week.We have just received the scroll from the citadel for you. What can be better than meeting fellow GoT buffs and discussing the fan theories over a glass of wine? After all, everything feels better with some wine in the belly! :P

Some of the fans were speculating that the event at Klinx will be more like the Red Wedding where the conniving Walder Frey killed the Starks.

I swear it by the old gods and the new; you will not die, at least not that night. Klinx has built a 100 feet high invisible wall around it. There are old Valyrian spells that will detect any Frey who might be attempting to enter the place. But there is another danger that we alone cannot alleviate. You are your best friend and your worst enemy, so make the decisions wisely. Let’s see things that might get you killed this Friday!

#1. Are you planning to book the tickets at the last moment?

If so, my advice to you will be - don’t even try. Tickets are getting sold out at a lightening fast pace, and let me remind you tickets are limited. So you may be bold and dauntless as Ser Jaime or Bronn, but wise men don’t wait for the worst to happen. They act at the slightest of anticipation of the bad to happen. So if not mine, Lady Oleanna had a piece of advice for you.

“I’ve known a great number of clever men. I’ve outlived them all.”

So if you think you are smart enough, book your tickets ASAP.

#2. Are you planning to ditch your friends?

Seriously, if you are even thinking about this, you deserve to die. The winter beyond the wall is going to be spine chilling. You don’t even know when the wights are going to attack the Night’s Watch. With the situation so grim, it is always advisable to keep your brothers and friends by your side to watch your back.

#3. Are you coming without any trivia?

If you think that this party is going to be like every other party then my friend you know nothing! As rightly said by Lord Tyrion, A mind needs books, like a sword needs a whetstone, brush up on all the GoT trivia. There will be a quiz and we assure you will have to do the walk of atonement if you lose. In the words of Cersei, When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die.

Valar Morghulis

by Ragini Arora

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