10th November, 2016

It's time to use the precious 100 Rs note for doing the 11 most amazing things in Bangalore under Rs. 200!

Bangalore has often been touted as one of the more expensive cities when compared with other metropolitans of the country. To a great extent I agree with the fact. But, that does not mean everything around here is expensive and whichever activity you indulge in will burn a deep hole in your pocket. If you are really smart, you can extract a lot even out of a small amount say Rs. 200 in this case. And with 500 and 1000 rupee notes ceasing to be a legal tender, this is exactly what the doctor ordered. Following are the budget friendly places in Bangalore which you must check out for a pleasant evening without crossing the 200 rupees barrier. They are offbeat, adventurous, pleasant, savoury and most of all, full on entertainment.
#1. Atta Galatta – A Cafe for book lovers
budget places in banagalore It’s hard to make out whether it is a library or a cafe when you enter the place for the first time. The super homey ambience in the middle Kormangala’s hustle is a great place to put on your glasses, pick your favourite book and sip on steaming hot filter coffee. Almost all the items on the menu are priced under Rs. 100, proving to be an extremely pocket friendly place. The best part about Atta Galatta is you can spend hours here without being disturbed.
#2. Talk to the hand
laser tag in bangalore With state of the art gaming consoles, Talk to the hand is a battledrome for playing laser tag. This is the perfect place bring out the child inside you. Bring your entire gang here, and engage in the exhilarating battle of laser tag.
#3. Cubbon Park - Get closer to nature
cubbon park   Who wouldn’t enjoy 300 acres of lush green land in the middle of the city which is alternatively famous for its exhausting traffic jams.  Cubbon Park has been the perfect picnic spot of Bangalore for years. You can sit, sleep, relax, read a book or just watch the birds doing their bit, sitting here in the park. The huge area makes sure the place doesn’t look crowded even on weekends, when it has people pouring in from all parts of the city.
#4. Dialogue’s Cafe – Time is money

dialogues cafe

The one of its kind place in Bangalore, Dialogue’s Cafe runs on an extremely unique concept. Here you don’t have to pay for anything you eat, drink or read. The bill is generated based on the amount of time you spend here. The place is gorgeous with a variety of sections to explore. Here you can read, have a conference, play music or just chit chat with your buddies, it’s perfect for all. The snacks menu is more than descent. At this place you can get momos, noodles, sandwiches, omelettes and beverages like ice tea, lemonade, etc without even paying for them. All you will be charged on is the amount of time you spent.
#5. Vidyarthi Bhavan – Love for Dosa!
vidyarthi bhavan dosa If you are a fan of South Indian cuisine, this is one place you cannot miss. One of the most famous places in Bangalore, Vidyarthi Bhavan makes the finest Dosa in the city, at least that is what the people claim who have been here. Don’t forget to take their filter coffee to go along with the Dosa, a deadly combination to say the least.
#6. Nightclubs - Party starts here
party in bangalore Wondering what nightclubs are doing in this list of most exciting things to do in Bangalore under Rs. 200? It is because, you don't always need Rs. 1000 or 2000 to party in a posh nightclub in Bangalore. With High Ape you can enter the best clubs in the city like Indigo Live, Oko, Sanctum, etc. through attractive offers and deals which are super economical and easily fall under the Rs. 200 cap. Exploring nightlife in Bangalore was never this easier and budget friendly.
#6. Nehru Planetarium

places to go in Bangalore under Rs. 200

As old fashioned as it may seem, the experience defies all pre conceived notions. It often happens that we ignore the thing which is right in front of our eyes, and that is what happens with Nehru Planetarium. It’s an amazing feeling gazing at the stars and finding out so many interesting things about our universe. You must check hit this place if planning to go with kids, because they are simply going to just love it.
#7. Street foods at VV Puram
best street food in bangalore VV Puram is the place to go in Bangalore if you want to get the true flavour of street food in this city. Get the sweet taste of Gulkhand with ice cream at Shivanna Gulkhand Center and honey cakes at VB bakery. The area offers a lot of other famous South Indian dishes in their most authentic forms. You can just hop from shop to shop and enjoy all the wonderful delicacies’ one by one without spending much.
#8. Ranga Shankara – Let the drama begin
plays at ranga shankara If you are a fan of theater, Ranaga Shankara is the place where you can catch all the live action. Ranga Shankara hosts a variety of plays which feature many prominent names from all the film industries including Bollywood. Enjoy an intense performance here with top drama artists putting up shows which you will remember for a long time.
#9. Nishaan Sports Shooting Academy
nishaan sports shooting academy In this beautiful shooting arena, you can try your hands at professional shooting at a bare minimum price of Rs. 150. Mostly used for training by professional shooters, this place is open for guests as well. You can visit this place to enjoy the shooting events as well which happens from time to time.
#10. Tipu Sultan Palace – History at its best
tipu sultan palace At the grand Tipu Sultan Palace, you can pick a leaf or two from his life and soak in some trivia about the ruler who owned it all. It is one among many tourist attractions in Bangalore. Overall it is good place to enjoy a pleasant day in the beautiful weather of Bangalore. Tipu Sultan Palace is a great family outing destination. [fbcomments]

by Supritha Manjunath

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