26th July, 2016

Most Uniquely Designed Places To Party In Bangalore, Because Regular Clubs Are Too Mainstream!

In comparison to cities like Delhi and Mumbai, Bangalore is often looked upon as something vanilla. But only a person who knows Bangalore well can tell you how wild and crazy this city can get. In spite of the strict regulations, the nightlife in Bangalore is more than awesome. Bangalore has its share of uniquely themed pubs and clubs which offer a great experience to party lovers. The places which I am going to mention in this list of most amazing places to party in Bangalore are very different from regular bars and clubs. The factors which separate the unique ones from the ordinary are mostly ambience, food, decor and of course the staff. Here is a list of best places to party in Bangalore and enjoy nightlife in all its glory and charm. #5 Blue Ginger blue ginger Kick-starting the countdown is Blue Ginger, a property of Taj. As the name indicates, the place is dipped in blue, but in a very subtle and elegant way. The huge trees, ponds, open spaces and architecture style inspired from Vietnam, Blue Ginger is a treat to watch. The food here is great, don’t forget to try their summer rolls and wok tossed chicken, they are damn good. Don’t expect this place to be pocket friendly, as the cheque can leave a huge dent in your pocket if you are not very used to spending lavishly at clubs.
  #4 Pebble pebble Pebble, more commonly known as the jungle lounge, takes you a step closer to nature from the word go. It’s like partying in a forest. Pebble is also known for the great EDM music it offers. Pebble boasts of having an excellent line-up of national and international DJs throughout the year. In terms of food, they may not be the best, but they certainly do provide a mind blowing party experience.
  #3 Fenny’s fenny's Fenny’s is an American style lounge with very interesting furniture, weird wall hangings and a massive chandelier shaped as a beer bottles. The music you find here is not loud and very soothing as well. They are good with their lasagne and thin crust pizza cooked in wood fire. It’s a good place to hang out with friends if you are more in the mood of conversing than going out wild and crazy.
  #2 Windmills Craftworks windmills craftworks   Windmills Craftworks is like an office inside a bar or a bar inside an office, or probably both. Classiness at its prime, this place has a huge library setting inside and a rickshaw model at the entrance which has its own charm. The music goes very well along with the ambience, which is mostly jazz and EDMs on some occasions. You get a wide array of items to choose from in both food and beverage section of the menu.
  #1 Whitefield Social social One of the most amazingly styled places, Whitefield Social leaves you spell bounded from the word go. The rusty ambience and unique dishes used to serve the food and drinks items are very attractive. Here you can choose from indoor and outdoor seating, but I would recommend the indoor one as it’s more elegant and classy. The other good thing about this place is in spite of it being posh and unique, it’s not that expensive. They have some cool booths as well, where you can decide to go if looking for some privacy. If you are bored from the regular pubs and clubs in Bangalore, then these are the places which should be on your check list when decide to out for clubbing and partying.

by Supritha Manjunath

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