26th July, 2017

Two magical worlds at CloudNYN and Skyye. Surprisingly, such places do exist in Bangalore

Last week one of my friends had her birthday. Luckily that was a weekend as well, so our group decided to go out somewhere in Bangalore to celebrate. Even though we had been living in Bangalore for quite some time, but still when it comes to going places we are still confused.

Few things that concern me before going to a venue are as follows:

#1.Is the place safe for ladies! As we have a few female teammates so safety is definitely a concern

#2.What is the price range?

#3.Is the service and crowd of this place good?

#4.What type of cuisines and drinks are available at this place?

#5.Is the ambience and décor of this place attractive?

I am sure the same happens with you guys as well. Since there are so many clubs, pubs, lounges and bars in Bangalore we will compare different places in different posts. The sole reason to do this is to make sure that your nightlife experience is awesome and you can make informed decisions. After all, I believe sharing is caring.

I will try to make the comparisons based on the above points. However, I am open to change and if you think there are few more comparison parameters that you want me to include, feel free to contact me.

In this post, I will compare Cloud NYN and Sky Bar

So here I go


Have you ever been to Mars? Well, apparently I did! Yes by apparently, I mean I had been to CloudNYN. It looks like a space ship. Starting from the décor, furniture to the interiors and flooring, the experience is awesome.  CloudNYN is a bar located at Sterling Mac Hotel, Old Airport Road. The ambience of this place is really out of the box.

Even the bouncers and bartenders at this place wear suits like space travellers. Just like Star Wars or Star Trek, the interior takes you to another dimension. Talking about the music and sources of entertainment, it is a plush nightclub with dance floor and DJs playing awesome tracks of different genres.

The cost of food and drinks at this place is not too much and you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket to party here. You can try their wood fired pizza, cheese balls and fries. If you want to experience the fun at CloudNYN follow this link.

Why should you go to this place?

If you want to party hard and enjoy the amazing ambience then I would recommend going to Cloud NYN. However, if you are more of a foodie and would like to explore food as well along with music then, this place might not serve the purpose. As they only serve Finger Food there are comparatively fewer options for cuisines.

Skyye Bar

If Cloud NYN takes you to another world, Skyye Bar located at Lavelle Road takes you high above in the sky. Okay, enough of metaphor let me tell you a little bit more about Skyye Bar. This place sits on the 16th floor.

The ambience of this place is really attractive. The floors are lit and partying under the sky will be a great experience. As the bar sits on the rooftop, the magnificent city view is just amazing. Known for its nightlife and plush ambience Skyye Bar qualifies as one of the best nightclubs in Bangalore

They serve a wide variety of cuisines that include Asian, South American, Middle Eastern and European cuisines. Some of the dishes that you can try here are Mushroom Chestnut Dimsums, Steamed Pork Stuffed Rice Paper Cigar Rolls, Char Grilled Lamb Kobideh Kebabs, Malaya Curry served with rice in Bamboo Shoots and Middle Eastern Kharoof Mahashish.

Apart from awesome dishes from all over the world this place also has a great alcohol collection that includes innovative cocktails. The price at Skyye Bar is a bit on the higher end.

Why should you visit this place?

This place offers a complete package of partying with amazing food and drinks. The ambience and city view from the 16th floor is just breath-taking. Needless to say, the crowd of this place is classy and so is the service by the staff of Skyye.

The only reason that might stop you from visiting this place is the budget constraint, but as the saying goes every good thing comes with a price.

Since it was a birthday treat, we essentially wanted a wide variety of cuisines and so we chose Skyye Bar.

by Ragini Arora

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