7th June, 2018

The Humming Tree Is Celebrating Their 5 Year Anniversary And The Star Studded Artist Line Up Confirms The Awesomeness Of It

The Humming Tree, a venue synonymous with great music is turning 5 years old on 7th June and to celebrate the special occasion they are coming up with 4 days of non-stop entertainment.

Over the years The Humming Tree, located in Indiranagar, has hosted some of the best events which Bangalore has seen, with famous artists coming in from all across the world. The venue caters to all kinds of entertainment lovers, with live band and solo singing performances, stand up comedy acts, karaoke nights and DJ nights being a part of their monthly schedule.  

The four days of festivity is going to be no different with great food, melodious Indian music, comedy performances, open mics and rock and roll music, lined up for the week. 

Here is what to expect at Humming Tree on each of the 4 days –

DAY 1: June 7th/Thursday - COMEDY
A stand-up comedy night with Kanan Gill + Sanjay Manaktala 

Day 1 promises you an evening of the finest comics from Bangalore; Kanan Gill and Sanjay Manaktala giving you new comedy, which is guaranteed to leave you red in the face and give your abs a good workout.  Gear up for a Thursday evening filled with wit, laughter, and spontaneity.

DAY 2: June 8th / Friday – Rajasthani Folk Music  

A special evening with the drum maestro Nathulal Ji Solanki, Dayaram Bhand & Kutla Khan. Maestro of the kettledrum or the Nagada, a percussive folk instrument, Nathulal Ji Solanki hails from the prestigious Pushkar Sangeet Gharana and has collaborated with acclaimed international musicians.  A three-hour high energy performance featuring kettledrums (nagara), khartal, harmonium and strong, soul-stirring vocals, means that this is a show you'll want to bring your parents to.  He is a graded artist with All India Radio and has performed at many prestigious festivals in India and abroad. They have collaborated as The Rajasthan Express along with Radiohead's lead guitarist Johnny Greenwood and Shye Ben Tzur. The talented artists have also performed alongside Laura Marling, and Mumford and Sons as The Dharohar Project. 

DAY 3: June 9th / Saturday - ROCK / ELECTRONIC  

Day 3 includes the family favorites; The F16s, Peter Cat Recording Co, and Lifafa are bringing their insane music and even crazier personalities to the stage to celebrate 5 years of supporting artists here at The Humming Tree. 

DAY 4: June 10th / Sunday 
All-star Open Mic Night + Celebrating World Gin Day 

The Humming Tree has hosted open mic night since year 1. To celebrate 5 years of open mic success, they have carefully and thoughtfully selected artists that have amazed us with their talent. They have associated with India's first and only home-made and handcrafted gin: Greater than Gin, to bring you celebrations for World Gin Day, which falls on the last day of their 5th-year-anniversary celebrations. 

Head to the lovely Humming Tree and become a part of the grand celebrations.


by Vaibhav Lal

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