5th July, 2018

The Best of Bangalore’s Nightlife this Weekend (6th to 8th July)

With the endless race against traffic, deadlines taking over every last second of your free time, a week can really frusturate you. If you are looking to break away from the constant humdrum of adulting, and let your hair down for an evening, we’ve got you covered. Here’s a sneak-peek at the most happening events this weekend in Bangalore.


1) Biggest Techno Tribe Poolside Night Out ft. DJ Prithvi

Techno music has a lot of fans in Bangalore. Techno music resonates gaga vibes, and the only thing better than a night of such crazy music is a night of crazy music by a gorgeous pool-and that’s exactly what awaits you at Double Tree Suites this Friday night! With the talented DJ Prithvi to keep your feet tapping, rave away to Daft Punk, Deadmau5 and more, because We’re Up All Night to Get Lucky, indeed!

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2) Borderless Friday ft. Karty and DJ Maulik

How does a night of mad EDM tracks and a dancey high spirited crowd sound? Karty and DJ Maulik’s music will keep you dancing and headbanging. If you dig energy packed dancefloors and surprise offers thrown your way, get to CloudNYN this Friday night! If the stars have aligned correctly and the winds of fortune blow your way, you might just get a couple of free drinks. Welp, if not, you’ve earned yourself a night to remember anyway.

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3) Saturday Showtime ft. DJ Rohit Barker & Rohan Kapoor

If you’re into electronic music and partying at all, you must have heard of the incredible music DJ Rohit Barker & Rohan Kapoor make. Fervently followed by fans all over the country, the duo has taken kindly to giving us an insane night this Saturday at XU- Leela Palace. To jam away with some good alcohol as you get pampered by the five star luxuries of the Leela.... what’s not to like?

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4) Eskpe Vibes ft. DJ John

Ditch the corporate grey’s and black’s, and glam up for Eskype Vibes. This is a topnotch fashion event and you want to only don the best of your outfits! With the all time favourite DJ John playing EDM tracks, high spirits are to be expected. The charming Bartin’s Rooftop Bar in Indiranagar will pretty the affair up, to a whole new level.

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Sit tight, the doom and gloom of the week is almost over. Grab your passes through HighApe before it’s too late!

by Supritha Manjunath

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