24th September, 2018

The Best of Bangalore's Dandiya Nights this Navratri!

The big-fat Indian Holiday of nine gorgeous nights is just around the corner and we are already psyched! It is the season for colourful, flowy ghagras and boomerangs with skirt twirls, and here’s all the Dandiya nights you can make merry at:


1. Dandiya Utsav Edition 3

With the beats of the dhol to keep you dancing all night long and the beautiful garba performances to the catchy steps of the dandiya raas, this event has everything a classic Dandiya night would have. Here’s the best part: not one, not two, but three dancefloors- and a 14 DJ line up! Needless to say, this event will see a plethora of mixes. The Dandiya Utsav Edition 3 will be housed at Royal Orchid, synonymous with grace and elegance.

When: 13th October, Saturday
Where: The Royal Orchid, Old Airport Road
Why: Three dance floors; 14 DJ line up
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2. Bangalore’s Big& Luxurious Disco Dandiya

If you’re looking for something big, something grand and extravagant, here’s the perfect fit: an MC, the Nagada Dhol, Garba and the Dandiya Raas, food trucks, an exciting lineup of 5 DJ’s! That’s not all: a poolside party at an open air rooftop venue: yes, this Disco Dandiya has Big Fat Navratri written all over it! Plus, the Big& Luxurious Disco Dandiya has something for everyone- from F&B for the adults to play area and games for the kids, a gala for the entire family is guaranteed!

When: 13th October, Saturday
Where: The Waverly Hotel, VR, KR Puram
Why: Poolside, open air venue; play area for kids; games and activites for patrons of all ages.
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3. Dandiya Masti 2018

Another beautiful open air Dandiya night on the lawns. This event brings to you a flea market, rows of food stalls, dandiya and garba competitions and even prizes for the best dressed couple and kid! If you're no expert at the subtle art of this Gujarati dance form, worry not, they also have instructors to guide you!

When: Saturday, 13th October
Where: ITPB Cricket Ground, Whitefield
Why: Exciting competitions and prizes, Flea market
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4. Dil Se Dandiya

Silent Discos are slowly making their way into the party culture of big cities. The upside to this unique concept is the carefree opportunity to party all night long. Dil Se Dandiya brings exactly that upside to the Dandiya Night scene- a silent Disco Dandiya. Not to worry, of course, there will be the usual garba and dhol through the evening, but at the stroke of 10 pm, LED bluetooths will be given out so you can continue partying for the rest of the night! Check out the packages that will give you access to the various activities and stalls. Enroll for the workshops and competitions too!

When: 13th and 14th October, Saturday and Sunday
Where: Shankarnag Play Ground (Donkala Field), Banashankari
Why: Silent Disco Dandiya Night, Garba workshop, Dandiya competitions and more!
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5. Club Garba with some Punjabi Tadka

Garba and Dandiya is all jolly and good, but here’s the same with a Punjabi twist, because some good ole bhalle-shalles hurt no one! Tune into Indigo XP for a grand Punjabi and Bollywood style Dandiya night. Bangda and dandiya to the beats of the dhol and the mixes by the DJ- ‘nuff said.

When: 14th October, Sunday
Where: Indigo XP, Koramangala
Why: Good ole Garba with a Punjabi twist, Indigo XP’s gorgeous dancefloor
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6. Rass Dandiya 2018

There's nothing like a classic Bollywood Dandiya night at a poolside, open air venue. This event also comes with a play area for kids, food and beverage stalls, a 5 DJ line-up and some more festive fun!

When: Thursday, 18th October
Where: Waverly Hotel, VR, KR Puram
Why: Poolside, open air venue; play area for kids; games and activites for patrons of all ages.
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7. Dhol Bhaje- Grand Club Dandiya Night

What’s a Dandiya Night without all that glam and pizzazz? This event has all the glitz and glamour that comes with the venue: Sutra by Lalit Ashok, party hub of high profile celebs and the like, and the merry and frolic of the Dandiya Raas!

When: Friday, 19th October
Where: Sutra- The Lalit Ashok, Kumara Park
Why: The chic cocktails; Lalit Ashok’s lighting and decor for on-fleek selfies? Yaaas.
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Bring out the dandiya sticks, rehearse your dance moves and grab your passes- you don’t want to be left behind!


by Supritha Manjunath

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