18th June, 2018

The 7 Best Delivery Only Food Outlets in Bangalore

You don’t always have to step out of your comfy home for a rocking night. Sometimes all you need is your phone and an app which can bring delicious food from these 7 awesome delivery only restaurants in Bangalore. With great quality food being the only concern, these cloud kitchens, a modern name given to delivery only restaurants, expect the food to be bang on every time you place your order.

The other great thing about them is that majority of the places on the list are open late night, some till 3 AM in the morning, when almost all the regular restaurants are shut.

The next time you crave for your favourite Mutton Biriyani in the middle of the night, just take out your phone and select from this list of 7 amazing venues –

#1. Potful – Operating from Domlur, Potful specializes in Indian and Mughlai cuisine. This kitchen makes great Tangdi and Galauti Kebabs, taking it to the top of the list of favourite food destinations of Kebab lovers. The food packaging is of excellent quality, there’s no better feeling than eating Biryani right out of a clay pot, which is microwave safe, in case you want to heat it before eating. The Tandoori dishes come along with decent portions of Green Chutney and Salad.

#2. Warm Oven – A paradise for people with a sweet tooth, Warm Oven is a place which can fill your life with warmth and happiness through their lovely selection of cakes, pastries and muffins. This bakery located in Domlur is known for their Chocolate Dreamcake, Red Velvet cupcake and specialty Litchi cake, which is a seasonal flavor. All the cakes and desserts are very reasonably priced, proving to be great value for money.

#3. Kick Out the Jams – Crisp bacon strips mingles with cheese, crisp potato fries and sauces, stuffed sloppily in oven fresh bun, makes up The Habit, their most frequently ordered burger. Based in Ejipura, Kick Out the Jams stays up for orders till 3 AM. This place is great for burgers, pizzas, and pasta, the stuff your doctor advise you to stay away from. If you ever plan on visiting their outlet for a takeaway, make sure you are thorough with their location, as being located in an almost invisible street, makes it hard for people to locate the place.

#4. Nite Out – Located in 4th Block, Koramangala, Nite Out stays honest to its name, catering to the hungers pangs till 4 in the morning. The best dishes to order here are Chicken Boneless Biryani, Noodles and Chicken Roll. Nite Out also has Chocolate Milkshake and Brownie in their arsenal which goes well with their fast food menu. Expect the food to be hot and neatly packed whenever you order. The other great thing about Nite Out is gives true value to money, as all the items on the menu are extremely reasonably priced.

#5. The Paratha Company – Located in Whitefield, The Paratha Company is for those who can’t get enough of crisp desi parathas cooked in rich butter. Some of the parathas which one must try include Sattu Paratha, Paneer Paratha and their unique Chocolate Paratha. The parathas come along with complimentary curd, salad, butter and chutney. Apart from parathas, you can also try Chole Poori, Dal Makhani, Litti Combo and their lovely Kheer, which gives the perfecting ending to a delicious traditional meal.

#6. Aniram’s – Based in Jayanagar, Aniram’s specialises in North Indian and Chinese cuisines. The place is open till 4 in the morning, which means you need not stay hungry during those long movie marathons or Netflix binges. They have an extensive menu full of specialty dishes like Chicken Masala, Ghee Rice, Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala, Lemon Chicken and more. The pricing of the items are pretty reasonable, which ensures you don’t burn a hole in your pocket while sitting lazily at home, waiting for the food to come.  

#7. Mealer.in – Located in Koramangala, Mealer.in is perfect for people who do not like breaking their head on which curry to have with what rice of bread, but are comfortable going for combo meals, which provides a little bit of everything. They operate till midnight, before which you can order Rajma Masala Meal, Palak Chicken Meal, Butter Chicken + Dal and many more wonderful combinations. Most of their meals have Papad, Pickle and Salad in them, so expect a perfect meal the next time you place an order at Mealer.in.


by Vaibhav Lal