13th July, 2017

Thaikkudam Bridge, a 13 member band is redefining music. And guess what, they are coming to...


When 13 different people with multiple creative aesthetics join hands to produce music, it can easily lead to chaos. But in the case of Thaikkudam Bridge, it leads to a melody. And a sweet one indeed. The band was started by cousin brothers - Siddharth Menon and Govind P Menon, in a small flat in Kochi. They derived the interesting name from Thaikkudam Bridge which is still located in the vicinity of place from where they played in their initial days.

There is no one genre which can define the band. The genesis of their music comes from multiple music styles such as folk, metal, death metal and progressive rock. The band is not just multi-genre, but multilingual as well. Their songs are created in multiple dialects which range from Malayali to Hindi to English, resulting in some wonderful medleys.  

What makes the band apart is the way in which they have struck a chord with their local fan base as well as contemporary music lovers. Their ‘Fish Rock’ song, one of their first originals instantly became a hit in Kerala, ballooned up to the popularity charts and became viral on social media. The song beautifully captured the emotion of fish lovers and the connection that Malayalis have with the fish fry.

In the 13 member band, 8 of them are vocalists, and the interesting part is each of them is into different genres of music, what a unique combination to have.

Thaikkudam Bridge is famous for the unique twist which they give to the all time great hits. The way they redid Metallica’s super hit ‘Nothing Else Matters’ by infusing violin instead of electric guitar chorus and a strong head-banging percussion towards the end, was pure genius. It helped them amass great popularity as it aired on KappaTV, a popular Malayalam music channel. The band seeks great inspiration from AR Rahman and has given his songs a brilliant twist on multiple occasions.

Ever since their inception in 2013, they have performed live in over 450 venues in India as well as across the world. They are equally famous for their on-stage charisma and energy. Now a prominent name in the Indie rock genre in India, Thaikkudam Bridge has achieved a cult status among its loyal fan base. Some of their most popular originals till date have been Fish Rock, Chathe and Urumbu. The song ‘Nostalgia’ which they performed in Music Mojo is one their rare soft numbers with a dramatic progressive rock ending.

Thaikkudam Bridge’s live concerts are perfect examples of you set the mood and then take the crowd on a magical musical journey. As people eagerly for the new singles to release, here is a fantastic chance for Bangalore to catch them live before they head to Europe for the world tour.

The band is performing live in Indiranagar Club, Bangalore on 15th July for the first in the city this year. Grab your passes for an exhilarating concert before the show gets sold out.

You can book your tickets here.


by Ragini Arora

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