20th April, 2018

SteppinOut Night Markets and Movie Nights - The most amazingly unique nightlife experiences all over India

Events like drive-in cinema or movie screening in open air amphitheaters may be quite prevalent in the West, but India is yet to accommodate such activities in its day to day culture. And saying SteppinOut is a fast emerging pioneer in this segment would be an understatement.

It is not only about what they do, it is the way in which they execute such out of the box, sometimes even orthodox, events is what differentiates them. Active in cities like Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Mumbai and Bangalore, SteppinOut is gradually spreading its wings all across India. 

Their most well renowned Intellectual Property is SteppinOut Movie nights. Imagine enjoying a lovely movie under the stars lying on comfy bean bags and chairs, a perfectly relaxing way to enjoy a mellow evening isn’t it? The movie is selected as per the pre-decided theme, for example, they screen romantic ones during Valentine’s Day or horror one if they are doing an event around Friday the 13th.

The other great thing about such movie nights is that the guests get to decide which movie is going to be screened. Before the actual ticketing of the event starts, they run a poll through their social media pages, where everyone gets to vote their favorite movies. Generally for every theme there 2 to 3 options from which you can choose.

They screened Home Alone last Christmas, and then recently people got to refresh the beginning of the modern era with the iconic Dil Chahta Hai. These events do not happen every weekend, you need to wait for your city’s turn as they come up with such events once a month or sometimes even once in two months. And they are definitely worth the wait.

The fact that these events only happen at the most premium destinations in the city like Taj West End, JW Marriott, VR Bengaluru and many more, is a testimony to the fact that the events are anything but average.

Being in plush 5-star properties doesn’t mean you will have to pay a hefty price to enjoy such amazing nights. The ticket prices vary from event to event, on some occasions they start as low as INR 99 and barely cross 500 barrier. At movie nights you can enjoy sumptuous food and beverage options through the multiple stalls which are a part of the event.

When it’s not the movie nights which are winning their hearts, it’s their night markets which are blowing away everyone’s mind with their unique concept.

SteppinOut night markets come with a wide array of stalls which includes almost everything which you can expect in a market. There are luxury brands, handicraft stalls, food trucks, budget-friendly stalls and many more.

The night market comes with its own heavy dose of entertainment. In action are top artists from Bangalore and around the country to deliver top-notch musical performances. Adding more flavor to the events is the different set of performances by magicians, fire jugglers, dancers and more.

The good vibes get further stronger with lip-smacking food and beverage options (it includes both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) spread all across the fest area. Generally, for F&B, it’s the event hosting venue which has the maximum number of stalls, but that ain’t a hard and fast rule.

 SteppinOut incorporates many unique activities in their events as well which one does not generally get to see in regular flea markets or outdoor events.

Most of the food stalls dish out items at subsidized rates, so you can munch with your heart open and pocket full, on hot dogs, sandwiches, burgers, pastas and cocktails, beer and whatnot.

Some offbeat activities you can expect at SteppinOut night markets include pottery workshops, silent discos (everyone gets a headset of their own, where the music is mixed and fed by the DJ and there is no other loud music), blindfolded conversations, etc. With so much to explore and experience, it’s an absolute treat for everyone who loves enjoying a lazy day strolling across a lovely pathway lined up with a multitude of stalls.

One thing that is pretty consistent with SteppinOut is that it never compromises on the standard of the venue, without inflating the ticket prices, making all of its events pocket-friendly and an absolute treat to enjoy.

SteppinOut provides a splendid opportunity to get your gang together or catch up with old friends while soaking in some unique flavors.

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by Vaibhav Lal

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