28th October, 2016

Researchers Reveal The Biggest Reason Why People Need To Party

We are in the middle of festive season. And a lot of us are far away from our families and homes. That’s just how it’s like working in Bangalore. There is Diwali, then there is Halloween, and you are probably thinking, ‘so, what to do?’

Rather than sitting at home and binge watching your favourite TV series, what you should be doing is go out, socialize and party at the most amazing events happening this week. Not because I am saying so, but because science has some interesting results.

According to a research carried out in University of Montreal, it has been proved how clubbing, partying and music festivals play a major role in helping people gain inner satisfaction in life.

A researcher of the University, Paul Carl, writes, “This impersonal, extra-individual force, which is a core element of religion, transports the individuals into a new, ideal realm, lifts them up outside of themselves, and makes them feel as if they are in contact with an extraordinary energy”.

Do you know who a shaman is? It’s the person who would enter in a state of trance while performing traditional rituals. This used to happen in the early ages. A DJ is today’s shaman. They are the ones who take us to a serene state of mind, and help us sync together at a deeper level, which we do not actually realize.

Rhythmically moving together has always been considered as an efficient way of communication and synchronization, which relaxes our mind as well as our body.

What we refer to as ‘partying’ is being termed as ‘collective effervescence’ by Emile Durkheim, a famous French Sociologist. And I cannot agree more. A nightlife event or a music festival helps in breaking the monotony of day to day routine work, and releases you from the constant pressure of acting conventional.

In a paper released by psychologists John Kerns and Elizabeth Martin of University of Missouri titled Cognition and Emotion, it is mentioned how when in a good mood, you don’t remember numbers and digits. But, on the contrary, the other types of memories don’t get affected, like a visual description or a pleasant conversation. And that directly affects the overall happiness quotient of your mind.

Daytime is for work, but night isn’t necessarily for sleep.

Get out and explore the dark, because in today’s urban world it’s darkness which shines brighter than the day, and the nights are full of uncharted territories and experiences.

Care to venture one? You should.

Now that science has proven it, I am sure your reluctance (if any) towards nightlife and parties would have gone down at least by a few notches.

So, if you want to brighten up this festive weekend for yourself, here are the most amazing and handpicked parties that you can hit this week.

Step out to something new every night. You never know how exhilarating the experience might be.


by Supritha Manjunath

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