6th April, 2016

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Harry Potter Fans May Die This Friday

The train is getting ready. Platform 9 ¾ is all set to welcome the wizards in Bangalore. Yes people, Hogwarts School Of Wizardry is finally going to open its gates this Friday for all the wizards who have stayed too long between the Muggles. It’s time for them to join their own kinds in the world of Magic. But there’s only one concern that we have. Just one. Will you be able to absorb so much of fun, nostalgia, excitement, memories and magic, which you have waited for all these years? Will you be able to live through all this condensed in one single night? And mind you Potterheads, our concern is very very genuine. Because here are the 5 reasons why you may just pass out of fun this Friday: 1. What things do you remember about Mr. Potter the most? The time he was sorted into his house? Or the first time he walked through the Diagon Alley? Or the way he used to go after the snitch on his Nimbus? Or didn’t you ever envy him for the magic classes that he attended or the way he fought the Dementors? Don’t you worry, after all you never know what all of these (or all of them ;)) you may get to experience this Friday. :P 2. What was the time in Harry Potter when you came on your toes with goosebumps shaking all your body? Oh yes, do you still remember the time when The Boy Who Lived killed The One Who Must Not Be Named? Hold on your pulses, because you never know when Voldmeort can return and come to our theme party. We count on you to use Avada Kedavra this time, in case it happens. ;) 3. Didn’t you ever want a headmaster as cool and as talented as Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore? We know you did and that’s why we are going to make him even cooler. Dance on the beats with DJ Dumbledore, a fantasy that you might have never had, but one which you will definitely love! :D 4. Even after all this, there’s someone whom you will still miss in the magic world this Friday. Unfortunately, we can’t bring him back, no matter how much we want. But this may be your only opportunity to tell him goodbye, the way he deserved. Yes, we are talking about Dobby, the free elf. We got to stay strong and make sure that he stays alive in our memories forever. 5. Last but not the least, we are going to completely make sure that you attend your classes properly in Hogwarts and you become a proper wizard by the end of the night. And we have done all the arrangements to make sure of that. It’s time to leave the world of muggles and accept your true identity. You were born to be a wizard, and now you will finally become one. So, now it’s your call. What we told you till now is just the tip of the iceberg. Tell us, will you be able to live through so much of fun, excitement and memories this Friday? And will you be willing to take this risk? If yes, pack your bags and get ready to board the Hogwarts Express because the train leaves on 8th April, 7:30 PM. :) Wanna buy coolest stuff of Harry Potter and become a Wizard yourself? Complete your collection: http://bit.ly/20ddXZh If you haven't booked your passes yet, then please click this link and visit the event page on our website to book it. [fbcomments]

by Manoj Jain