5th July, 2018

Prettiest Outdoor Cafes in Town- So Much More than Food!

Who doesn’t enjoy the great outdoors- let’s rephrase that, who doesn’t enjoy food in the outdoors? To unwind on your own, with a good book and some tea, or to spend an evening chatting away with an old friend, to watch the sunset and feast on waffles and strawberries, or better yet- a romantic night with some wine, under a star-studded sky? The more a cafe is in sync with the scenery around, the more we tend to like it. Outdoor cafes have a certain romanticism about them (thanks to the colourful pictures painted by books, movies, and pop culture, in general). Spending a few hours at such cafes is pure bliss. Take a look at some of our favourite outdoor cafes around the city.

1) Om Made Cafe

Om Made Cafe is perhaps the most picturesque cafe in Koramangala. Foregrounding a hauntingly beautiful sky, often painted in hues of pink and blue, the tranquility offered by the cafe is addictive. The occasional live music events enrich its charm. Enjoy pitchers of sangria and some delightful pasta here, and don’t forget to spam your Instagram feed with pictures of the beautiful ambiance.

2) Cafe Noir

Savouring a hot cup of coffee and some creme brulee here is a picture right out of a French classic. The beautiful view from the terrace of UB City, combined with the uptown decor of the cafe, only gets better when the scrumptious European cuisine melts right into your sweet tooth. They have an impressive collection of wines as well. Not to miss out on, are the eclairs and the tiramisu.

3) The White Room

Amidst the high spirited pubs and loud bars of Church Street, the White Room is an oasis of quiet for the insightful, introverted tea enthusiast in you. With patio furniture and pretty flowers lining the corridors, an intimate vibe rules the place. You can sit here for hours in undisturbed silence and read your novel or have quality conversation with your friends over some good food. The tea is served in teapots with little kettles and sugary cookies, the English charm is unmistakeable.

4) Green Theory
Green Theory is tucked away in the quiet Convent Road but usually has a lively ambiance. The lovely decor and the delicious food heighten the experience. The place serves vegetarian food only, however, every last bite is sinful. The sizzlers and the cheesy pizzas are favourites, but the aromatic collection of teas are to die for!

5) The Rogue Elephant
Take your date out to the Rogue Elephant if you want to sweep them off their feet. Bougainvillea flowers decorate the little stretch in the outdoor seating area. The cool breezes and old world charm of Basavangudi combined with the delicious Italian and continental food makes for a state-of-the-art dining experience.

The city is crawling with pretty cafes, we're sure there's more to it. Tell us your favourite cafes in the comment section and tune in for more!

by Supritha Manjunath

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