10th February, 2017

Passion, Sensuality and Love: Here’s How You Can Raise The Temperature This Valentines!

This time of the year is all about love and romance. And you already know that, it ain’t the first time you came across this. But wait. There is way more to it than just love on Valentines Day. Things which are not discussed in the open, especially in India. Things which are hushed and kept behind closed doors. Your horses are running in the right directions, its passion, heat, sensuality, flickering sexuality and a pinch of raunchiness. Now the question is how do you celebrate those moments of palpable sassiness? Or do you just let it pass? If you do, then there is so much undisclosed fun which you are missing out on. How about the idea of spending an exotic night this 14th in the middle of the jungle, perfectly complimenting the wild and raging emotions within? Sounds serenely sly, doesn't it? You can enjoy a normal DJ night any time of the year, so why not raise the temperatures this Valentine’s and enjoy love in the jungle. At Pebble, the jungle lounge you will get the perfect chance to scooch up with your partner and sit cosily under the naked sky and let the beautiful night unfold. With you sitting in the lap of nature, and a blanket of love covering the entire scene, this is the experience which you always secretly wished for. The splendid evening will be having it all, delightful band performances, fun karaokes, crazy DJ performances and so much more. It’s only a matter of whether you want to unleash the animal inside you or not. Prejudices often hold people back. Don’t let that happen to you. Shed all the inhibitions and show what you have got inside. Sparks set off when two charged bodies come together. Figure out yourself what happens when two lovers meet in the jungle to explore the endless possibilities of the night.
Find out more about this secret place for the perfect Valentines Jungle Love HERE!
love in the jungle

by Supritha Manjunath

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