27th May, 2019

Myths About Alcohol and Partying Debunked


It’s the perfect night to carefully select your outfit as you make sure your hairdo is top-notch. Ever wanted to bust all those random colorful and whimsical thoughts that enter your mind while you put in hours of preparation to get ready for a party? Here are a few narratives that are cracked open for you, so that the next time there’s no space for second guesses!

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Partying Sober Is Too Sensible and Awkward

This is all about some messed-up relationship with alcohol. You don’t need alcohol in your systems to have a great time! I’m sure we all at some point have met new friends and made meaningful connections without the need to drown ourselves in alcohol. Start reminding yourself that you wish to spend time with people like us and vibe along in the same energy without drinking at every party you come across. Well, it sure does bring in a sense of sensibility when everyone else around you is drunk, ha-ha.

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Partying Costs a Bomb

You are definitely looking forward to the weekend but however, you just realized that it’s the end of the month and you don’t want to make a hole in your wallet? Partying can be expensive, with most of your money going out on buying drinks. However, that’s a thing of the past now as we bring you the present with HighApe, where partying has never been easier. We have amazingly listed free parties when you don’t even need to pay a penny to get free liquor! Clearly, we believe that there is no point in wasting money in getting wasted when you can manage to have a blast without monetary restraints. Most of our happening nights revolve around mega offers on alcohol and free drinks for Ladies. So get rid of the fear of missing out from all the awesome stuff happening in and around the city.

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Drinking Through A Straw Will Get You More Drunk

Let’s break this down- it changes almost nothing. Drinking via a straw not only cuts down on oxygen circulation to the brain which creates kind of a placebo-effect making you “feel” more buzzed, which is not true basically.  All the people who notoriously follow this myth solely want to get drunk by the end of the night. So, if you really want to get drunk then just drink faster and chug chug chug!

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Beer is Less Potent than Liquor

More often than not, Beer has a reputation of its own compared to other alcoholic beverages. It would be absolutely wrong to say that a Beer is less potent than cocktails or Vodka. Even if you were to consume ale, you are technically consuming the same amount of alcohol.  Any drink would have the same effect on your body and brain functions. It is true that different liquor has different alcohol content but the, in the end, it doesn’t even matter. “A drink is a drink” and too much of any combination of drinks is bound to make you sick.

So drink responsibly peeps and go have fun as if you earned the night!

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by Prerana Sarkar