8th February, 2017

Out Of The Box Valentines Day: 2 Most Special Things You Can Do With Your Loved One

‘What to do this Valentine's’ is always a daunting question. What makes the question harder is the fact that you want to experience something new and exciting with your partner, and not that cliché romantic dinner in a fancy restaurant or club again. With Valentine’s Day falling on a Tuesday this year, naturally it’s difficult to plan out something very unique and out of the box. That is why we have Saturdays and Sundays. The two mind blowing events which I am about to tell will guarantee an exhilarating experience. As both the events are completely different from one another, you will have the freedom to explore two unparalleled territories and then maybe narrow it down to one. Let’s see which these two events are, you have been hearing of since the beginning and what makes them so special.
#1 Highway to Thaikkudam Bridge Live – Destination Concert
thaikkudam_bridge_bangalore This will be the perfect opportunity for you to ditch the city this Saturday, and hit the road on a crazy party bus for one of the most happening concerts ever. The 19 member super popular band, Thaikkudam Bridge, will be waiting for you at the grand destination – Highway Star on the Bangalore- Tirupati Highway for one hell of a experience. All you need to do is hop on the party bus and let the magical ride begin. For more details and Bookings,  Click HERE.
#2 Steppinout Movie Nights – Valentines Special – The Collection
stepin_out_movie_night_valentines_day_2017 If you are not a big fan of travelling around too much and instead want a quiet, laid back and cosy evening with your loved one, movie nights at the splendid open air amphitheatre of UB city will be bang on for you. This Sunday you can enjoy two back to back romantic movies, one from Hollywood and the other one from Bollywood. From the west it will be ‘A Walk to Remember’ and ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ for all Hindi movie lovers. For more details and Bookings, Click HERE.
There are plenty of other options as well for this Valentine’s week, but most of them are pretty regular and have nothing new to offer. No matter what you plan, do consider these 2 wonderful options before deciding as they will almost certainly help you itch a lovely memory.

by Supritha Manjunath

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