3rd November, 2015


The most wildly foolish talks, the most unruly dance, the most despondently expressed grief over exes and the most rhapsodical description of crushes are things all of you must have witnessed (or done yourself) once you've had a few millilitres of alcohol mixed into your blood.

You drift into a world that you wish you would never come back from.

Now, the experience I am talking about was a college get together and all my friends had their own particular idea of partying. Some were champing at the bit to get high, some had ants in their pants about getting on the dance floor and some had their eyes fixed on the food items. I, of all people, was excited about all the three (in different ratios).

I had a small bottle of Absolut Vodka in my hand. Just then I came across a friend who I knew was always very excited about drinks. (she was a novice, though) . She saw the bottle in my hand and was delighted. Even before I could say anything, she took it from my hand and had a gulp.

Wondering what was so much fun about it? The vodka? NO ! Her excitement ? Hell NO !


Her expression changed as soon as the liquid touched her taste buds. The very obvious question came, "Why isn't it bitter?" I couldn't think of a more wisely stupid answer and I told her that it was a special quality vodka that did not taste bitter but would have an awesome effect. To my surprise, she was quite gullible and gulped down the entire contents of the bottle. By then, a couple other friends had also gathered there , all trying to suppress their laughs.

Then began the customary senseless talks followed by the incessant dance. There wasn't a single person in the room she didn't dance with and there wasn't a single item of food she didn't eat . I remember her shouting and giving us orders to get her one dish after the other.

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The pretentious mania lasted for about an hour after which the party got over and the truth was unveiled. Embarrassed as she was, she stuck to saying that she wasn't pretending and all her actions had been involuntary. She tried her best to convince us that she'd actually been feeling drunk.

We knew the truth though and we laughed like crazy.Drinking Bingo Game Set - Casino Kitty Party Family Fun Games

The alcohol was in her head, not in the bottle !!

Beware your friends aren't fooling you when they behave like they're all blotto !! ;-)

by juhi HBD