23rd August, 2018

Ice Cream Eating Challenge this Sunday!

One scoop of icecream. Beat up a cake. Beat up cake and ice cream together. Repeat. Swoop and beat and repeat. Swoop and beat and repeat, and finally- a scrumptious sundae with cream/chocolate/cherry on top!

These violently ravishing but equal amounts delightful ice creams have found their way into the hearts of Bangaloreans since the establishment of the Stoned Monkey franchise. The concept of stoned ice cream, relatively new in India, back in 2015, gained an immediate upvote and Stoned Monkey climbed the ladders of success soon and remains our go-to dessert spot, even three years down the line.

Stoned Monkey now caters not only to your ice cream cravings but also to temptations of cupcakes, truffles, chocolate fondues, bouquets and more!

Stoned Monkey turns three this September, and it’s all the reason for us to stuff our faces with the icy sweet goodness. It is time for the third annual ice cream eating challenge: Brain Freeze, where ice cream will be available in abundance, make sure your appetite is too, and oh, don’t forget to bring the sweet tooth!

Not only will you have a good time and an ice cream feast, this is also your chance to win prizes, upto INR 30,000!

The contest takes place Sunday, 26th August at KGS Club, Cubbon Park. Check out the rules of the contest and register here for a Sunday if you want to wolf down ice creams this weekend!

by Supritha Manjunath

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