8th August, 2017

How to stay healthy while eat, drink and have fun at the same time? Read more to find out

In a lot of my posts, I write about food, drinks, food escapades and best food joints. However, at times I feel guilty of promoting an unhealthy lifestyle. I know it’s not true, everyone out there is smart enough and they know when to stop. But I am obliged to write this I feel it is my moral responsibility to inform you guys how to stay fit and healthy.

So what is the problem in staying healthy? I fit in my jeans without a bulging belly or love handles, I am healthy AF. There’s a difference between being healthy and being in shape. Often people confuse the two. If you are in shape doesn’t necessarily mean that you are healthy. The factors that determine your health is your lifestyle.

Also, I am a firm believer of the fact that you should be comfortable in your skin. But when your lifestyle poses a danger to your well-being, I think you should change it without any argument. So without any more BS, let’s find out what are the factors that help you to stay healthy.

#1.Dieting to lose weight is a myth

If you are fat you might have heard your gym bro saying, “Kam Khaya kar bhai, phailta jaa rha h”. But trust me it’s not about Kam Khaana, it’s about Kya Khaana. Of course, there is a need to create a Calorie deficit, but that doesn’t mean not eating at all.

Eating the right food at right time is the key to healthy living. There are folks who favour ketogenic diet and other forms of diets where the person is advised to avoid few foods that are very much needed. I am not saying Keto diet is not effective but has to be practised only after consulting the dietician.

So if you an average Joe, who also happens to be a foodie like me, then don’t skip your meals thinking that will help you lose weight. Stay hydrated and stay away from junk food. You can, of course, treat yourself with some junk food once in 10 days.

If you are overweight you can also consult your dietician for intermittent fasting. In this method, a window of 14-16 hours is made when you don’t take any food so that your body goes into the mode where it starts burning the fats because it is fooled that you are going into starvation. Consult your dietician to know better how it can be done more effectively.

#2.Develop a workout plan

Did you ever wonder, you are working out for the last 6 months, eat little or no food and still not losing weight? Or if you are skinny, taking a lot of protein supplement and yet not getting the muscles?

Everyone has a different body type with different metabolism. So if XYZ workout plan works for that person it doesn’t mean the same will work for you as well. Consult your fitness trainer. If you are working out in a gym then for God’s sake don’t follow your gym bro blindly.

For example running long distances won’t help you lose the extra pounds. It will only worsen the joints and ultimately you will lose the motivation to work out. Resort to HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and weight training equally.

If you are skinny, doing a lot of cardio may seem useless, but don’t neglect that completely. Your fitness trainer is the better person who can help you to design the workout plan. Commit to following the plan regularly, without skipping between days.

#3.You need to keep ‘Never Give Up’ attitude

How many of you had lost the motivation to work out after 3 months, when you see that you are not losing any weight. As told earlier, every individual has different body type. Give at least 1 year to see the gains.

It is also very difficult to not get back on the junk that you ate earlier. I had been through that phase. It feels miserable once you are done with the extra calorie intake. There is also another aspect of this problem. You will find many anorexic individuals who had developed an OCD to keep a calorie check on everything that goes into their mouth.

Don’t indulge excessively in this and start punishing yourself if you ate a lot last evening. We as human beings can give in to our desires. So the best way to avoid the craving is to keep a cheat day in a week to eat anything and everything. But stay away from unhealthy food for the remaining 6 days at any cost.

#4.Your health comes before everything else

I know you have a job that needs a lot of attention and you may have to work in the nights or overtime. But I would suggest not getting enough sleep at night not only hampers your weight loss regime but also takes a toll on your mental health and leaves you fatigued.

While you sleep your body repairs the damaged cells secrete hormones to normalize everything in your body and prepares you for the next day. I also realize the fact that you may have to work overnight to finish the work but trust me it is you who is at loss, not your company.

So how important is sleep exactly? It is so important that Aetna, a US based MNC pays its employees to get enough sleep. The employees can earn 25 USD for every 20 days in which they sleep 7 hours or more.

So next time your boss asks you to stay late till night show him/her this and tell that your sleep deprivation is actually a liability to the company.

So the bottom-line here is enjoying your life, partying hard, going out and seeing places, drinking and partying hard but at the same time care for your health. It is you who has to suffer if you neglect it at this age.

by Ragini Arora

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