6th July, 2018

Here’s the What and Where of Bangalore’s Best Cocktails

 Sugary, intoxicating, icy and cold, sometimes warm, bubbly, foamy... but always satisfying- cocktails are a blessing. It doesn’t have to be a classy night out, even a humble brunch is made better by a couple of cocktail pitchers. Now the city of Bangalore is crawling with pubs around every corner, and most places have an exhaustive collection of cocktails. We’ve made a list of cocktails that won our hearts and left us high spirited and you’re welcome in advance!


1) Biergarten’s Pirate Mix

Biergarten is known for its bounty of wonderfully crafted beers. The cocktails, however, could give the beers a run for the money. Pirate Mix, a signature cocktail was tantalising to the last slurp. With spice infused rum set against mint leaves, brown sugar to mellows it all down. With pineapple foam and chunks of lime to hold it together, the drink is a godsent! Hit up Biergarten during their weekend happy hours for a 25% off on hard liquor and cocktails.


2) Big Brewsky’s Monkey Shouldered Men

Monkey Shouldered Men is here to keep the Malt snobs on their toes. If you believed Malt was for the hardcore and the tough, check your facts because this drink comes with a twist. With the wonderful marriage of rosemary honey to Malt, the flavourful Japanese greens, Indian Citrus and ginger grace the occasion- it’s a party in your mouth, indeed!


3) Bootlegger’s Crème Brûlée

Bootlegger’s cocktails are mostly based on traditional dessert. If you’ve got a sweet tooth or a taste for odd combinations like butterscotch and vodka, think no more- the Creme Brulee is your best bet. With the stings of vodka sweetened down by vanilla and butterscotch liquer, and some yummy cream fluffing it all up, the drink is a must try.


4) Nasi and Mee’s Sangria

A slightly unorthodox suggestion, but definitely worth it. Nasi and Mee is known for its authentic Thai and Chinese food, but their tiny collection of wines and cocktails is mindblowing. It is the good old Sangria- red wine, orange and lychee juice, fizzed up with soda, green and red apple bits to munch on, but in the single most perfect amounts. This is one place you would want to go back for more, time and again!


5) Hangover’s Buddhi’s Bomb.

How does a combination of gin, vodka, brandy, bacardi, tequila and dark rum sound? Be warned, this is not for the faint-hearted. The taste lingers on, leaving intoxicated, misty memories, but gear up your gut if you want to down this strange concoction, supported by cointreau, apple juice and cranberry syrup. Hangover sells these in buckets- an offer that is hard to turn down!


6) Black Rabbit’s Musk Melon Martini

A good old martini served in sleek stemmed glasses and topped with olives is a class apart. It is everyone’s favourite. Who knew that adding just a little bit of vodka, muskmelon and spicing it up with pepper would glam up the classic drink to an out of the world-level? If you’re a fan of martinis, also try out the pomegranate and basil flavour.

Tell us your favourite cocktails in the comment section!






by Supritha Manjunath

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