21st April, 2016

Here’s A Game Of Thrones Secret That Only We Can Tell You!

Will Khaleesi sit on the Iron Throne? Will Sansa Stark survive the fall? Or Will Jon Snow be back from death again? You can only read or think about the answers to these questions because no one except George R R Martin himself can tell about these little secrets to you. :P But we have a secret that we are going to reveal ONLY to die hard Game of Thrones fan. So, if you aren’t one, take the full liberty of closing this tab because you won’t at all be interested in what has been mentioned below. But if you love Game of Thrones like nothing else, then read on, because this secret is going to change your life forever. WINTER IS COMING people... but then what’s so crazy about it?? The crazy thing is that the WINTER IS COMING and its COMING IN BANGALORE!!!!! So, if you stay in Bangalore, there’s one thing that we can promise you. There’s no better thing you could have hoped for than this biggest Game of Thrones theme party this Friday before the release of the most awaited GOT season ever! :D :D How would it feel to not just watch the Seven Kingdoms on TV screens, but try to get a glimpse of it for real? How would it feel to taste the Purple Poison and die out of craziness of living the GOT life? And how would it feel to laugh, have fun, dance, sing and go crazy in the fantasy world of Game of Thrones? Gear up to live the best TV series of all times with electrifying GOT mixed music by singers, bands and DJs, awesome GOT settings, characters brought alive from the show and enthusiastic trivia quest with awesome prizes. These and a lot more await you this Friday in Indigo Live Music Bar at the first ever Game of Thrones theme party in Bangalore. And sssssshhhh!! Don’t tell our little GOT secret to anyone else. Or on a second thought, we trust you, so go on and tell your other die hard GOT fan friends about it. :D To register for this event, please visit the event page on our website and fill the form below.

by Manoj Jain

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