29th March, 2016

Here Is The Biggest Surprise For All Harry Potter Fans In Bangalore

Do you still remember that bullied small boy who used to live under the stairs? The boy who was abused, scolded and made to do all household chores? Until that boy realised his abilities. Until that boy knew what he was born for. Do you, do you still remember that Boy Who Lived? If you don’t, close this tab right now because you aren’t supposed to be here. But if you do know him, then hold your pulses because we have a big surprise as we are just going to open the doors of the sacred Hogwarts School of Wizardry for you. For the first time ever in Bangalore, the magical experience of Hogwarts is all set to be recreated by High Ape for one night in Indigo Live at the most amazing Harry Potter Theme Party ever . :D
Start your journey in the event by entering platform 9 ¾ and boarding the Hogwarts Express to reach the world of magic. But then, only after the magical hat decides your house and you take hold of your wands, you can dare to step in. And remember, the wand always chooses the wizard (Yes, the magical world has rules too, and they have to be followed). Start practicing your charms from today, and make sure that the spells are at the tip of your tongue, because only by saying it right you can face all the evils that await you. After all, you never know when a Dementor or a Death Eater can attack you. We strictly take no responsibility of your safety in the magical world. And god forbid, if The One Who Must Not Be Named arrives. We can only hope that he doesn’t. :P But take a chill pill and don’t worry if you are not a perfect wizard, because neither was Harry when he came for the first time. But he had friends as you will during your journey. The only question is, are you ready to board the Hogwarts Express and enter the land full of uncertainties? If yes, then pack your bags because the train leaves on 8th April, 7:30 PM. :) To check our event page on Facebook, please click this link. To book your passes, please click this link and visit the event page on our website. [fbcomments]

by Manoj Jain

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