24th August, 2017

10 Awesome GOT Things That Are In Store For You This Friday - It Just Keeps On Getting Better!

By now I am sure most of you have booked for the Song of Ice and Fire event at Klinx. But before the final episode of this season hits your TV screen, we swear to the Gods Old and the New that we have planned something so amazing that it’s going to take your breath away.

Come join us on the ride of Seven Kingdoms and let us hope that our Brothers of the Watch stop the White Walkers from killing us all, because, in the world of GoT, you never know what may happen. But what’s going to happen at Klinx, Hilton is known for sure. Some of the activities that you can enjoy at Westeros this Friday are:


#1.Grand Maester of the Citadels aka the Trivia Quiz

Sam may not be a warrior but without him, a lot more people would have died. Not all heroes wear capes or have perfect jawlines and cheekbones. After all, a pen is always mightier than a sword! Brush up all the trivia of Game of Thrones and come prepared as we have a Quiz waiting for you.

#2.Walk of Shame

And be advised the loser has to do the walk of shame. You lose in any activity and you will be shamed brutally.

3.Hit them Hard

Did you ever feel like getting in the TV sets and kill Ramsay when he was torturing Theon and Sansa? Or kill Geoffrey when he was bullying Lord Tyrion during the wedding. However, it was not long when he was poisoned. The same is true for Lord Baelish aka Littlefinger when he twisted plots for his selfish motives.

According to a theory, it was the Little Finger who started Robert’s Rebellion by plotting a conspiracy with Lysa Arryn. So get a chance to hit the malefactors according to you.

#4.Shoot the Walker

The Night King was created by the children of the forest to save their existence from the threat of human occupation. According to the book, The Night’s King was the 13th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch who fell in love with a white walker and for 13 years ruled the Night’s Watch and performed human sacrifices until he was defeated by Joramun and King of the North.

At Klinx take the opportunity to blow the legendary Horn of Winter by decimating the Night’s King. We have bows tipped with valerian steel and dragon glass to annihilate the White Walkers.

#5.Sword Fight

Do you think you have it in you like Arya’s sword instructor Syrio Forel, Howland Reed (the one at the Tower of Joy), Bronn or Jon Snow? They are considered to be the best swordsmen in the whole of Westeros.If you think you can match their expertise and skill, flaunt your sword skills at Klinx this Friday. Challenge your friends to a sword fight. Also if you are guilty of some crime evoke the trial by combat, where the Gods protect you.

#6. The Best Dressed Man/Woman

GoT is filled with eye candy characters. Be it Rhaegar, Lyanna, Ser Jaime or Sansa. Though it goes without saying dress as good as you can, but to add to it, we will also have special goodies for the Best Dressed Man/Woman.  

#7.Stallion’s Heart Challenge

Do you count yourself as a foodie? Yes? Take up the Stallion Heart Challenge, where you have to finish a dish in a stipulated time. If you are successful the dish is free for you. If not then we can have your skull crushed or you may also have to do the walk of shame.

#8.Olenna’s Poison

Olenna Tyrell was the classiest noblewoman when it came to playing mind games or plotting conspiracies. However, Cersei got her killed with the help of her dear brother, Jaime. Drink the hard cocktails in a given time and you have the chance to survive the evening, if not we may have your head spiked at the gates.

#9. The Three Eyed Raven aka VR Experience

I am sure you are mesmerized by what’s on the other side of the wall. Take a tour of the Castle Black with the VR. Also, experience the thrill of riding the back of a dragon like Daenerys and enjoy the view of the castles and mountain and if you get a chance, save Jon Snow and his mates. :P

#10. Live Band Performance

Tap your feet to the most awesome GoT theme songs and numbers with the live band performing by the pool. Drink, dance and enjoy as these are the things we do for love.

This Friday come join us at Klinx and enjoy the best night of your life with the best TV series that ‘Ever Was or Will Be’. If you haven't booked your passes yet, please visit the event page by clicking here and book your passes.

by Ragini Arora

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