29th September, 2015

From Michael Jackson To Puppy Dance - Alcohol Magic

-by Isha Saxena

Ever fantasized of breakdancing in a club, all high and tried a few pop steps like The King of Pop??

Well, guess what – I’ve BEEN THERE-DONE THAT. Result?? Disastrous epic fail!

I was in a college club party, having shots with friends, when suddenly the inner dancer inside me woke up from a deep trance (actually it was the alcohol awakening). I gathered a few of friends and showed them a break dance video from you tube. We decided to do it-partially because it was swaggy and partially because our heart had now started pumping alcohol instead of blood.

The DJ changed the song- Billie Jean, and the pop starts inside us popped out. The last thing I remembered was dancing, well umm….Not exactly dancing-we were rolling on the floor like puppies.

The next morning, I woke up on a hospital bed. When I asked about the previous night, my roomie burst into laughter. So, apparently, the previous night, I had undergone 2 transformations, first, from the original me to pop star MJ, which was great, because I liked the sound of that. The second and the embarrassing one was my transformation from pop star to a puppy. My roomie told that I was so much into the puppy zone that I started barking at people, to which point, the bouncer threw me out.

Then I started wandering and playing with the street dogs. Eventually, a dog bit me –and I had to be taken to the hospital –because I kept shouting-“It’s LUPIN!!!Don’t touch me-I’m infected (Just so you know, Lupin is a werewolf from the harry potter series)”. I had to be given sedative for the night.


by Prasun Dubey

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