14th June, 2018

From Magical Kebabs To Succulent Haleem, Ramadan Food Festival At It's Very Best In Koramangala

Ramadan is as much about great food as about connecting to God through fasting every day for a month. In Bangalore, areas like Fraser Town and Shivaji Nagar are traditionally famous for the vibrant Iftar markets, but Koramangala is not far behind when it comes to fulfilling the Iftar cravings of foodies in Bangalore.

The Ramadan food festival happening right next to Hotel Empire, 5th Block, Koramangala, is currently the highlight of the city. And why shouldn’t it be, when there is so much happening at one place which you don’t generally get to experience for the rest of the year.

The presence of the special food market can felt from a distance through the smoke coming out of the live grill stalls, where a multiple varieties of meat are cooked to perfection for the guests to devour. As one gets closer, the brightly lit up stalls and large groups of people jam packing the area while making yummy noises, takes you to a different world away from the modern Bangalore, which is full of fancy clubs and restaurants.

With around 30 food stalls, placed one after in three different sections, the kind of options you get blessed with is simply amazing. The street is an absolute heaven for non vegetarians as they get a chance to have a taste of century old recipes through dishes like Mutton Seekh Kebab, Beef Roll, Hyderabdi Chicken (which comes in a greenish texture), Keema Pav, Biryani, Bheja Fry, Liver Masala, Mughlai Paratha, Haleem, Mutton Samosa, Pathar ka Ghosht and cutlets. For people who are more into exotic food can try Camel meat which comes in as kebabs and with greasy, semi-gravy which you can have with Coin Parathas or Rumali Roti.

Once you are done with the main course, head to the counters serving traditional desserts like Halwa Puri, Phirni, Rasmalai, Sevai, Double Ka Meetha, Shahi Tukda and Sheer Khurma. There is also a stall serving a variety of Kulfis, coming in flavors of different dry fruits.

The best drinks to go along with the spicy food include sodas coming in flavours like black current and green apple, and then there are milkshakes in mango and other artificially flavoured ingredients.

Be prepared to fight it out in the crowd if you are choosing your time of visit, post evening. The streets get extremely crowded and sometimes placing your can also become a big task, as you the people behind the counter hustling while rotating the skewers, frying kebabs, taking payment and serving food, all at the same time.

Get your gang together and head straight to the Ramadan food festival in Kormangala, and satisfy all your gastronimical urges.

by Vaibhav Lal

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