30th July, 2016

The Best Microbreweries in Bangalore! Nothing Beats Some Chilled Freshly Brewed Beer

Beer has a special place for people who like going out and partying a lot. And for many, beer is the main catch. If you are also a big beer fan, then you have landed at the right place. Some of the most amazing breweries in the city are also among the best party places in Bangalore. You will get all kinds of beers at these places, from the sweet mango ones to the bitter coffee ones. Almost all the places in the list have their own specialities, and that is what makes them standout.  If you go by numbers, there are plenty of microbreweries in the city, but not all have the same potential as the best microbreweries in Bangalore, when it comes to lightening up the taste buds and making the head spin. These are the places you should have on your mind when you go beer hunting next time.
#8. The Biere Club
biere club Located in Lavelle Road, the European style place is known for its trademark craft beer. Try out their beer cocktail, you won’t be disappointed. The place has some decent offerings in terms of food as well, their Sunday breakfast’s are also pretty good. The beers are generally light and easy for gulping down in large quantities. They ambience is plain and simple with minimum decor, proving to be a good place for peace lovers.
#7. Big Brewsky
big With a pond in the middle, greenery all around and candle lit tables, Big Brewsky is a perfect place for quiet dinners and romantic outings. But that is not reason why it has been featured in this list. Though they might not have as many options as some of the other microbreweries in this list, whatever they have is above average. Wheat beer is by far their best product, try them out with some onion rings or chicken wings, they go well together.
#6. Big Pitcher
big pitcher The huge 6 floor venue offers you literally everything. As the name indicates, their speciality is beer. If I would have to pick top two beers from the wide array of options they offer, then it has to be the King slayer, mango beer. Every floor is unique in its own way and they give you the option of mixing their beer with starters, buffets or just traditional main course food items. It’s also one of those rare places which serve beer to girls on their ladies night.
#5. Barleyz
barleyzz This rooftop venue is absolutely gorgeous, and the dim lights and soothing music makes your experience even better. The best part about coming to Barleyz is you get to enjoy their freshly crafted beer with cool breeze passing right across you. They have an indoor seating area as well in case you don’t want to sit outside. Apart from their speciality beers, their cocktails are also good. Overall a great place to cool outing with all your beer loving friends.
#4. Toit
toit One of the most famous clubs in Bangalore, Toit is not just an excellent microbrewery, but also great place for hardcore partying. They give you testers to try all 6 of their freshly brewed beers, but mind you, they are not free. My favourite is Tin Tin Toit, and I also liked their Kilnaleck Red, which is Irish style red ale. The ambiance is lovely and the place is mostly packed during weekends.
#3. Prost
prost Koramanagala in spite of having so many amazing pubs and clubs, lacks behind in terms of microbreweries, though there are a couple of astounding ones here. After Barleys, the next one is Prost. The moderately bitter beer they have goes well with their rusty dungeon type ambience. The cider and stout are particularly good here. If you are lucky, you might get some complimentary beer as well so that you know better about what to order.
#2. Windmills Craftworks
windmills Windmills Craftworks is one hell of a classy place. Unlike many other places in this list, they are heavily inclined towards the Indian cuisine. And that can be seen in their beers as well. They have the Indian Pale Ale, the regular stout and also the Mango Ale. All of them are excellent, the only concern here can be the budget as this place is on the expensive side.
#1. Arbor Brewing Company
ABC It was the first microbrewery I visited in Bangalore, and it still remains the best I have ever tasted. Their beers are bitterish, but once you acquire its taste, you won’t like other beers at all. I generally go for their wheat lager or their coffee beer, which goes down very smoothly and is damn tasty. The place is huge with enormous seating capacity, and needless to mention, an elaborate menu for you to pick out the best beers and food items. These are some of the most amazing microbreweries in town where you can try out some amazing freshly brewed beers. I will stop here because I know you must be thirsty by now. Now that you know about them, it’s to explore.

by Supritha Manjunath

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