22nd May, 2018

Every '92 Born Must Try Out These 92 Super Awesome And Mind-Blowing Things To Do in Bangalore

Bangalore is not only the IT hub of the country but also an entertainment superpower with so much to explore and discover in and around the city. The range includes the glamorous nightlife in Bangalore, serene nature treks, indoor adventure activities and so much more which will challenge you, mesmerize you, thrill you, relax you and play all kinds of trick with your mind and body.

Explore Bangalore the way it’s meant to by being a part of these 92 awesome things to do in the city. 

#1. Feast on Donne Biriyani at Military Hotel

If you are a Biriyani lover, then you have to try out the unique flavors which Donne Biriyani of the iconic Shivaji Military hotel in Shivajinagar, brings out. Some other amazing dishes you can give a shot include Ragi Mudde and Bheja Fry. They start early in the day and go on till late at night.

#2. Picnic at Cubbon Park

Cubbon Park is a great place to spend a lovely Sunday afternoon in the beautiful weather of Bangalore, at least for most parts of the year. At one of the oldest parks in Bangalore and a true landmark destination, you can soak in the huge lush green atmosphere, read your favorite, book, enjoy the swing, or ride a rented bicycle which is available on selected of the days.

#3. Art exhibition at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath

A premier and widely recognized art institution all over India, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath lets you relive the good old days with their charm and character. You can enjoy dance performances, puppet shows, folk theatre, photography exhibitions and musical recitals of stories and plays. One can also attend workshops to try hands at developing liberal art skills.

#4. Enjoy a cricket Match At M Chinnaswamy Stadium

With a capacity of 36,000 people, Chinnaswamy Stadium regularly hosts domestic as well International matches. For over forty years now, the stadium has also witnessed various international plays and musical concerts and festivals. Be a part of the deafening roars and go all out in supporting your beloved team.

#5. Shop all day at Phoenix Market City Mall

One of the biggest malls in Bangalore, Phoenix Market City offers more than just a satisfying shopping experience. It houses top fashion brands for men and women, premium movie theatres and a huge collection of world-class eateries to let you feast on delicious food and beverages. The large open area inside the mall campus hosts live band performances and concerts which are both ticketed and free, depending on the day and artist.

#6. Walk like a king at Bangalore Palace

If you thought the world famous palace in Mysore is the only one worth seeing, then you are in a for a surprise. Gothic windows, fortified towers and battlemented parapets and architecture style of the famous Windsor Castle, England, make this Indian marvel a true gem. Soak in the rich heritage while strolling across the gardens and cannons, surrounding the huge palace.

#7. Go pub-hopping in Indiranagar

Most happening locality in Bangalore, Indiranagar houses hundreds of eateries and some of the best pubs and nightclubs in town. All you need to do is walk on the 100 ft. road, and you will great party destinations like Loft 38, Toit, 3 Dots and a Dash, Vapour, Black rabbit and many more. Some other popular nightclubs in this region include places like Hangover, Humming Tree and Monkey Bar.

#8. Science is fun Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum

From kids to adults, this is for everyone who loves toying with science and its wonders. This is an interactive museum where floors are dedicated to great discoveries like space gallery, engine hall, fun science gallery, electrotechnical gallery, science for kids and more. It is one of the only two museums in the world which has the replica of the plane invented by Wright Brothers in 1903, available in full scale. You can take part in activities like science demonstration show and sky observation programme.

#9. Perfect hiding place for bookworms – Blossom Book House

Being a book house doesn’t stop it from being recognized as a cultural heritage of Bangalore. The two stores under the same name in Church Street, are still undisputed favourites for book lovers in town. Housing thousands of books, at Blossoms you can find some of the rarest books and editions available, a true gem worth possessing forever.

#10. Endless wonderment at Wonderla.

Wonderla claims to be the no. 1 amusement park in India, and is indeed mind-blowing, if not the undisputed king. Located some 80 Kms away from the main city, the massive park has an endless collection of insane dry and water rides. A well managed and organized place, Wonderla tests the adrenaline level with its heart stopping swings, free falls, sliders, roller coasters, dark alleys and giant wheels. The place also has a great collection of water based slides and rides, perfect for all the water babies.

#11. Step into space at Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium

Catch the daily running interesting shows like Dawn of the Space Age, Our Solar System and Mars – The Red Planet, in languages English and Kannada. The park outdoor the planetarium is thematic with displays of whispering dishes, Sundial, Resonant Swings, DNA and more. Just sit back, look up and let the magic of space unfold.

#12. Feast on the Burgers of Plan – B

With multiple outlets around the city, many consider Plan – B as the place where burger, beer and heaven converge. The other delicacy Plan-B is famous for is their saucy chicken wings. For those who think they can take on any food, any day, they can try their ABS wings challenge where you have to finish 12 pieces of wings in 4 minutes and you get your name in the hall of fame, plus a t-shirt.

#13. Fun by the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain

Once you are done learning about space and time at the planetarium, step out, cross the road you will find the lovely Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain. Here stories are told with music, lights and multiple patterns of water dancing to the beats of music, taking various shapes, creating an illusion of a synchronized dance performance.

#14. Fun day Lal Bagh

Spread across a massive area of 240 acres , Lal Bagh is a big a place as you can find sit, relax and experience grass between your toes. Explore a wide range of flora and fauna at this place, which even has trees older than 1000 years. The Indian version of the Crystal Palace at London is there inside Lal Bagh, commonly referred to as glass house. You can witness the flower show here which happens twice a year, accentuating the beauty of the lush green property.

#15. Wilderness at Bannerghatta National Park

Hop on to a jeep an head into the forest to watch lions and tigers roam around freely. Apart the jungle safari, the park spread across 100 sq km, also a zoo and a museum. The place is perfect for a picnic or a day outing. Make sure you do not miss out on the butterfly dome. Bannerghatta National Park also acts as a rehabilitation centre for animals rescued from circuses or street performers.

 #16. Experience luxury at its peak at UB City Mall

One of the few places in Bangalore where you can see premium high end fashion brands under one roof, UB City Mall, is for people with deep pockets. At this luxury mall, see what brands like Rolex, Burberry, Canali, Louis Vuitton and Paul Smith have to offer. A total of 4 gigantic towers complete the UB City, built in a massive area of 13 acres. For all exclusive needs and luxury desires UB City is the place to be.

#17. Splendid Plays at Ranga Shankara

Over the past many Ranga Shankara has been emphatic venue, which it is, for some very entertaining plays and skits. They have this ‘Play A Day’ rule which ensures that every day of the week, there is a play for you. Most of the acts here happen in Kannada, the regional language, but you can always checkout their schedule to explore some plays in Hindi or English, as per preference. Ranga Shankara has a bookstore and a cafe as well which add to the diversity to the place.

#18. Experience Divinity at ISKCON

The ISKCON temple was inaugurated by Shankar Dayal in the year 1997 in Yeswanthpur. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, ISKCON is not only a revered shrine, but also rich cultural heritage where one can find deities of Sri Prahlada Narasimha, Sri Sri Radha Krishnachandra, Sri Sri Natai Gaurnaga and Sri Sri Krishna Balarama. The highly dedicated community of ISKCON organises recitals, public processions and lectures to help people discover their spirituality.

#19. A tour of Tipu Sultan’s Palace

If you are a fan of exploring old unique and diverse architecture Tipu Sultan’s Palace will suit you fine. This elegant place was the summer palace of the mighty ruler. The ground floor is converted into a museum, capturing the life of Tipu Sultan, by showcasing his clothes, missiles used against British, swords, and more. The architecture is lovely mixture of Indo-Islamic styles where you will find gorgeous ornamental alfresco, ceiling and walls decorated with floral patterns, lovely teak pillars and immaculate wooden carvings.

#20. Commercial Street - A Shopaholics Paradise

Footwear, clothes, jewellery, home decor, electronics, food joints, handmade artefacts, you name it, and you will get it at Commercial Street, that too at great prices. Explore the narrow streets of Commercial Street and get all you need at a great budget. The delicious street food offer tempting options to munch on between the shopping sprees.

#21. Camping and Trekking at Savandurga Hills

Located around 60 Kms West of Bangalore, Savandurga is one of the biggest monolith hills in Asia. The place in great for a day outing, where you can pack a lunch and enjoy it with a lovely from the top. Difficulty level of the trek is between easy and moderate, if you are not a regular trekker. For an average person it can take anywhere between 3 to 4 hours to reach the top. Try to avoid going during the monsoon season as it gets slippery to climb up the barren surface.

#22. Night Tour at Grover Zampa Vineyards

Grover Zampa Vineyards is not Bangalore’s, but one of India’s oldest vineyards. Spread across a large area of over 410 acres, this place produces top notch wine which has won various national and international awards over the years. You can book in a package tour which generally lies in the range INR 800 -1000, which is inclusive of lunch, tour around the winery and tasting samples of multiple varieties of wine.

#23. Hopping all over MG Road

MG Road can be considered at the entertainment hub spot of Bangalore. This region has got everything, be it nightclubs, bookstores, fashion brands, comedy clubs or world class eateries. Heading to MG Road also means, you get to explore Brigade Road, one of the oldest party destinations housing legendary pubs like Pecos and Le Rock, and recently renovated cobblestone Church Street, a place to stroll around on a Sunday evening.  

#24. Puppet Show at Dhaatu Puppet Theatre

Puppetry seems to be losing its place in the modern world, and if there is one place which is striving continually to keep the art form going. Enjoy the stories of heroes and mythological characters with puppets doing the talking. There are various seasonal events which go throughout the year like the Dhaatu Navaratra Doll Display during the Dussehra – Diwali season and the Dhaatu Puppet festival in the month of January.

#25. Night Trek at Bilikal Ranganathswamy Hill

Located 80 Kms away from Bangalore, Bilikal Ranganathswamy Hill offers a lovely trekking experience amidst a picturesque backdrop of Rangaswamy Range. The adventure of trekking at night through the lush green vegetation and forest area clubbed with granite boulders fulfils the appetite of adrenaline junkies. Seeing Mother Nature in its purest form makes this trek highly enticing and super fun.

#26. National Gallery of Modern Art

Built inside Manikyavelu Mansion at Palace Road, National Gallery of Modern Art will is spread across 3.5 acres of land. This block was made open to public in 2009, and ever since then it has been hosting art and culture seminars, film screenings, guided walks and workshops throughout the year. They also organize painting competitions and Graffiti competitions to boost local talent and support upcoming artists.

#27. A Tour of Innovative Film City

Getting lost in mirror mazes, haunted mansions and exploring the thrill of adventure sports are some of the things you can explore at Innovative Film City. The other main attractions of the place include wave pool, sandy beach, Big Boss House and Aqua Kingdom with its thrilling rides. This place is complete entertainment package, where people come with their families and spend some quality time together.

#28. St. Mark’s Cathedral’s Exquisite Beauty

Established way back in year 1808, St. Mark’s Cathedral is one of the oldest monuments in Bangalore currently. Inside the cathedral one will find gorgeous ornate cravings and spell bounding woodwork which is exquisite in true sense. One need not be an avid art enthusiast to appreciate the beauty of this masterpiece, the place appeals equally to a layman.

#29. Early Mornings at Nandi Hills

A great spot to witness sunrise, while floating among the clouds, Nandi Hills, is the place where you head out with your bikers gang or in a car and reach around before the sun comes up. With small tea stalls and breakfast joints serving bread omelette, there is nothing more you will need at the top. Needless to say, the view from the top is absolutely fantastic, a delight for the shutter bucks.

#30. Kadalekaye Parishe Celebrations at Bull Temple

Bull temple located in Basavanagudi is an place which holds a critical significance in hearts of Bangaloreans. As per the stories, this temple was made to calm a bull down who was destroying the groundnut crops. The religious bull shrine at the temple is carved from a single stone making it all the more special. Kadalekaye Parishe is a festival in the months of November and December, where the first harvest is offered by the farmers as a token of gratitude.

#31. Discover yourself Shoonya

Not always do you know what to do really in life, so it’s better to take a break, reflect, retrospect and then move forwards. And Shoonya is the place to do that. Shoonya helps in discovering new perspectives through multiple somatic practices, workshops and community classes. The place also hosts film screenings, live music and storytelling sessions which are on offbeat subjects and topics.

 #32. Feel the chill at Snow City

The one its kind place, Snow City, provides a unique experience, letting you witness the white magic in Bangalore, even the temperatures are no so friendly outside. Spread across an area of 12,500 square feet, Snow City has a number of activities like snow basketball, rock climbing, snow castle making and snow rafting to have fun. And don’t worry about fighting the cold, as boots, warm jackets, caps and gloves will be provided. Age is no bar when it comes to playing around in the snow, it’s for one and all.

#33. Play Laser Tag at Talk To The Hand

Indulge in an exciting and thrilling round of laser tag with your gang, for a highly adrenaline pumping experience. Put those electronic vests and enter the dark arena where you will be up against your friends with laser guns (phasers) in and hand, and fight it out to score maximum points in a fixed duration of time and win the prestigious battle at Talk To The Hand, Jayanagar.

#34. Visit the Taj Mahal of South India – Vidhan Soudha

One of the most prestigious buildings In Karnataka, Vidhan Soudha comprises of Secretariat of Karnataka and State Legislature. The breathtaking beauty of the place has also earned it the nickname ‘Taj Mahal of South India’. The place has 4 entrances, with 4 levels above the ground and one below it. Make sure you check the largest state legislative structure in India on Sundays and public holidays as the gorgeous lighting of the place is a sight to behold.

#35. Go-Karting at Play Arena

If laser tag was the way to go for indoor fun, Go-Karting is the way to for some mind-blowing outdoor fun. Buckle up before you press the foot on the paddle and zoom around on the racetracks. Located in Sarjapur, each lap is of 250 metres where you can run your peppy KNK Karts at full throttle. There isn’t a better adventure than go-karting for people who love cars and gaming.

#36. Feel the freshness at Chunchi Falls

Located almost 90 Kms away from Bangalore, Chunchi Falls is around 50 ft high and is cascaded at different levels. This place is great for picnic outings, where you can ditch the usual hustle and bustle of Bangalore city and spend a day in calmness with the only sound present, will of the water smashing the rocks at great speeds.

#37. Go fish at Bangalore Aquarium

Largest in Bangalore and second largest in all over India, Bangalore Aquarium is conveniently located inside the famous Cubbon Park. The large building is constructed in the shape of diamond and is spread across 3 floors. You will find a large variety of fishes like eel, hockey stick tetra, moon tail, gold fish, red tail shark and angelfish and pearl gourami.

#38. St. Mary’s Basilica - A Piece of history 

 The oldest church in Bangalore, St. Mary’s Bascilica holds the rare distinction of being the one and only church in Karnataka to be elevated from the status of church to minor basilica. The loving and kind statues, towering facade and beautiful glass windows are major attractions of the place. The place reflects a piece of colonial era and the style of architecture commonly prevalent in those days. The Mother Mary statue is draped beautifully in a saree, a beautiful sight for all devotees.

#39. Discover life at Art of Living International Centre

Popularly known as Bangalore Ashram, the Art of Living International Centre draws a whopping 1.2 million people on an average from all over the world. If seeking respite from the day to day stress is your agenda, this place can be a perfect retreat with its mini gardens, abundance of trees and a refreshing water lake. You can choose to do volunteer work as well, if Seva is what you feel brings you closer to spirituality.

#40. The Mighty Big Banyan Tree

Do you know what’s really old in Bangalore? Yes, it’s the 400 year old Banyan tree in Kethohalli, a small village in Bangalore. The tree has spread out over 3 acres of land, and its roots and branches have multiplied into the formation of many other trees. With small modifications like fencing around the tree, nice cement seats and lovely pathways, the place has been beautifully transformed into a lovely tourist destination.

#41. Screening of Movies at Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy

Inaugurated by the legendary Satyajit Ray, this place was founded with the intent of promoting good cinema only. Over the years, this place has created a reputation of being a powerhouse of arts, media and cinema appreciation. The place encompasses a theatre, world-class school of image media and centre which interprets language, literature and performing arts, making it a diverse learning hub.

#42. Frazer Town Iftars

Mutton Samosa, Egg Pudding, Haleem, Shawarma Roll, Jumbo Biriyani, Malai Kebab and so much more at one place, and of the finest quality. In the holy Ramdaan season, feast on some of the finest Mughlai and Arabic delicacies, offered in over 100 hundred stalls set up only for the special month. You can explore a few other localities as well in Bangalore, but the Frazer Town will continue to remain the hub for all the foodies.

#43. Exhibitions at Indian Institute of Cartoonists

For the first time in India, an institute was created solely with the purpose of recognizing and promoting talent in a formal education format. The cartoon gallery inside the institute has some of the best works of popular cartoonists like R.K. Laxman. They also come up with exhibitions throughout the year for the general public to come and witness the work of emerging talents in the cartooning world.

#44. Dive into an ocean of flowers at Flower Market

Head to Avenue Road early in the morning, and some of the streets around that place, to get mesmerized by the huge collection of freshly collected flowers, coming in all kinds of vibrant colors and soul touching fresh fragrances.  Commonly referred to as Huvina Mandi, the place has 100+ flower stalls beautifully spread all across the market. Roses, tulips, lilies, gerberas, marigolds and gladiolis are sure to brighten up your day.

#45. Enjoy wonderful performances at Jagriti

Founded in the year 2011, Jagriti is a popular name in Whitefield when it comes to hosting live performances. The kinds of acts you can witness at Jagriti include plays, comedy shows, dance performances, singing performances and more. English is the more prevalent language here at Jagriti, but occasionally they do have performances in other languages as well. The place encourages children in the arts field and gives them a platform to showcase their talent.

#46. Find your way out at Escapology

Built on the unique concept of escaping a live venue by solving riddles and puzzles, Escapology brings out the Bond in you. With multiple Indian and internationally themed games, Escapology has games for all age groups. The games you can choose from include Monochrome, Ward 13, London Calling and Area 51. Have the thrill of a lifetime in finding your way out of these tricky places within 1 hour, which is the general rule of the game.

#47. Paddle around on unexplored trails

Unvenutured, a team which organizes cycle tours for the travel enthusiasts to explore beautiful nature trails around Bangalore, let’s you travel in a way which brings out the best experiences. With them, you can go for crisp weekend trips as well highly daunting expeditions to Eastern Himalayas and Ladakh. They facilitate in increasing your interaction with the culture of the place and help in discovering the true essence. Some of the popular trips include Temple & Thindi Trail and Colonial Church Hill Trail.

#48. Fulfil your reading desires at British Council

An organization based in UK, British Council has branches all over the globe. Through its programs running at the Bangalore Centre, one can explore the opportunities of learning English Language in multiple ways. They have huge collection of books and DVDs, from which you can borrow on a regular basis, depending on your membership level. Kids too are encouraged to read their challenging reading program.

#49. Gourmet Indulgence at 1 MG Road Mall

1 MG Road Mall is a rather unusual shopping mall compared to other shopping malls across the city. One among the many exotic places inside the mall is Foodhall, where you can easily lose yourself in discovering uncommon flavors, secret ingredients, international spices and many other amazing culinary delights which you might not find anywhere else in Bangalore. The mall also has some fancy salons and delightful eateries to help you relax and enjoy.

#50. Reserve Wednesday evenings for ladies nights

On Wednesday’s ladies are in for some special treatment at some of the best pubs and nightclubs around the city as they offer unlimited free drinks for the ladies. You can head to places like Indigo XP, CloudNyn, Sutra at The Lalit Ashok, No Limmits Lounge & Club and many more where drinks are on the house usually till 10:30 PM, but the timing varies from venue to venue.

#51. TherPup Cafe – Most adorable place in town

Being a dog lover, there is no other place you would like to be on a Sunday, than TherPup Cafe. This open-air cafe encourages people to come with their pets and enjoy a lazy evening while the dogs can have some fun of their own. The cafe also has 4 dogs of its own, Charlie being people’s favourite, with whom you can play and round around. The place serves American cuisine and finger food which are equally delicious.

#52. Feast on the softest Idlis MTR

Mavalli Tiffin Rooms, commonly known as MTR, located on the 100 ft. road, is an iconic place, serving the best South Indian food. The inventors of Rava Idli, at MTR you can expect long queues on weekends even at 7 in the morning. The service is quick and the food is absolutely delicious. No better way to start your day than treating yourself with crisp Masala Dosas and strong filter coffee.

#53. Toyland at Channapatna

Town of toys or dolls town or gombegala ooru, few of the many names given to this place, is located somewhere in the middle of Bangalore and Mysore. Known all over the world for its wooden toys, the place not only reaches the Indian households but also to the United States of America, including the White House. The toys are handmade, attractive, save and vibrant. The local artist put in a lot of effort in making these non battery operated toys, linking the present world to the good old days.

#54. Kalpalli’s unique nightlife experience

This is place where you get to party, but only if you are into mingling with the dead. This cemetery located in Frazer Town, offers a nerve chilling experience to the adventure seekers at night. If stories are to be believed, a man is often seen roaming around the graveyard at odd hours, probably looking out for you. If there ever was a chance to fulfil your paranormal dreams it certainly is this.

#55. 7D Movie Magic

If 3D isn’t enough for you, go straight to Nagwara Elements mall for an amazing movie experience which is unlike any other. Apart from the now common 3D effects, you will also experience thunder, wind, rain and snow. These magical combination of multiple technologies provide the users an absolute treat when it comes to having an amazing movie night.

#56. Breeze through the Rangoli Metro Arts Centre

Located at MG Road, Rangoli Metro Arts Centre has multiple art galleries, Chaya, Belaku and Vismaya namely, and an auditorium – Rangasthala. The art galleries exhibit paintings, sculptures, photographs and artifacts, and at the auditorium one can enjoy comedy shows, magic performances, puppet shows and more. The place also has a dedicated area for batik printing and pottery.

#57.  Go along with kids to Giria’s Children’s Explorium

A uniquely conceptualized place, the explorium is made up of a lovely amalgamation of science museum and amusement park. This is one of its kind museum for children, where they can explore all the six galleries in which the place is divided into. The galleries include splash, create, live, invent with, explore and build. This is a great place where kids get to play and learn at the same time.

#58. French Culture at Alliance Francaise

Alliance Francaise is a lovely centre, heavily loaded with the Indo – French Culture. This place has a cafe which serves wonderful French delicacies at reasonable rates. The cultural centre also has an auditorium which hosts plays and stand up comedy performances, and a TV space where documentaries and foreign films are screened. Do look out for the art exhibitions which are held regularly throughout the year. They also have programmes which are based on French learning courses.

#59. Bangalore Turf Club Derby

Three training tracks, over 1000 horses, walking rings, training schools, a veterinary hospital and a swimming pool for horses are neatly organized in 85 acres of land, a challenge nicely amassed. Apart from the visual treat a derby presents, one also gets a chance to bump into celebrities and fashionistas. Dress up at your very best and bet on your lucky horse the next time they have a Derby.

#60. Lip smacking street food of VV Puram

Slurp and gulp on some the best street one could find in Bangalore. Known as ‘Thindi Bhindi’ the food street presents a huge array of stalls serving chaats, sandwiches, paddus & holiges, Ragi roti, dosas, noodles and so much more. In the evening you will find the street bustling with people flocking together exploring the stalls and the lovely aroma wowing them over.  And make sure you end the party with some world class Kulfis.

#61. A walk at Lumbini Gardens 

Located around the Nagavara Lake in Hebbal, this is a water front park stretching across to around 1.5 kilometres in length. Well kept lawns, large variety of flora and fauna, artificial beach and wave pool make Lumbini Gardens a hub for nature lovers. You will find a food court inside the garden which caters for almost all tastes. This is the kind of place you would like to spend a pleasant evening.

#62. Fun World’s super day of fun

Located in the heart of Bangalore near Palace Grounds, Fun World may not be as big as Wonder La, but it is equally helpful when it comes to having a fun day, enjoying on exciting rides and splashing around in the pool. The place was closed for renovation and reopened with amazing rides like Columbus, Merry go Round, Giant Wheel, roller coaster, break dance and more.

#63. National Gallery of Modern Art

Earlier a residential property, this place was made open to public as an art gallery in 2009 on 18th February. The place covers 3.5 acres of land and for display purpose the space allotted is 1551 Square meters. The architecture of the place is modern and contemporary without losing out on the heritage touch. There are only other such galleries of modern art, in Delhi and Mumbai respectively. There are workshops and film screenings to increase the awareness of modern art and its value.

#64. Adventures at Manchinabele  

Designed by the legendary Vishweshwarya sir, built on Arkavathi River is Manchanabele Dam. A lake is created by the backwaters of the dam, which is beautifully surrounded by small hills from all the sides. Water sports lovers can enjoy games like canoe, Kayak, fishing and swimming here. And if you are there try to stay till back till sunset to enjoy the lovely view of the shimmering sunlight on the hills and lake.

#65. Shivoham Tepmle’s tranquillity

People visit Shivoham Temple to see the giant 65 feet high Lord Shiva statue, where he is seen sitting in the Lotus position. The statue has a pond around it and you can see Himalayas in the backdrop. The Mahashivaratri night is celebrated in a grand way at the temple, people on this night stay awake throughout and immersion themselves in the devotion of Lord Shiva. Multiple activities go on throughout like Shiva Antakshri and special light and sound show so stay awake all night.

#66. Trace human civilisation at Venkatappa Art Gallery and Government Museum

Rare coins, traces of ancient civilization, Stone Age glimpses and century-old paintings are few among the many key attractions at Venkatappa Art Gallery and Government Museum. You can be a part of the book reading sessions and treasure hunts which the museum organizes. And if there is one day you would definitely like to visit, it’s the World Museum Day when the celebrations are at its peak.  

#67. Books, Plays and more at Atta Galatta

Located in Koramangala, Atta Galatta is the place where you can sit all day and do your work or maybe read a book, choosing from their wide collection. Their food and beverage selection lets you have delicious quick bites at very reasonable prices. Ata Galatta has 2 floors, the top one being solely dedicated to host plays, comedy shows, monoacts and dramatic book reading sessions. The cafe section also has freshly baked breads and delicious cup cakes and pastries.

#68. HAL Aerospace Museum

In Bangalore HAL has established the second biggest aerospace museum in India which is open to public. Inside the museum you will find a library and museum which highlights the achievements and history of HAL. One amazing thing you must give a shot at is the brilliant flight simulator, available at a small cost of INR 10. Learn all about the grand history of aeronautical developments in India at HAL through their fighter planes.

#69. Meet the sky at Jakkur Airfield

Feel the wind in your face as you dive into the air and parasail over a stretch of 1 Kilometre of land. This parasailing activity is fit for both experienced people and beginners. They present the option of going solo as well as in tandem, depending on the experience level of the diver. You can book your activity on Saturdays and Sundays as it is not available on all days of the week.

#70. Flight 4 Fantasy flying adventures

Flight 4 Fantasy is one among the very few places in Bangalore where any non-pilot can have a thrilling virtual flying experience through its flight simulation technology. This is as close as it can get to flying a real aircraft using an advanced control system of the aircraft. They claim to be the most realistic entertainment unit and the experience which customers have here proves it. 

#71. Live concerts at Chowdiah Memorial Hall

Shaped in the form of a violin, Chowdiah Memorial Hall in Malleswaram has been showcasing the best of theatrical dramas and plays for over many years in Bangalore. This place is the perfect catching plays in many languages, be it Kannada, Tamil, English or Hindi. Dance and musical performances also make it to the list of events which are regular here at Chowdiah Memorial Hall.

#72. Meditate at Pyramid Valley

Located 30 km away from Bangalore, Pyramid Valley is specifically designed to meditate and discover inner peace. The place can easily accommodate 5000 people. Lovely murals on the faces of the pyramid depict various elements of nature. East has water elements, West has earth, North has Air and South has Fire. And the space inside the pyramid stands for the fifth element which is heart.

#73. Simpler times at Our Native Village

Our Native Village is a 100% eco friendly resort which combines nature with human simplicity. Here you can play traditional games like lagori, gilli-danda, flying kites and spinning tops. At Our Native Village enjoy the farmland freshness by walking around on thin pathways or jumping into their natural pond. Visit and experience what it’s like living in a village.

#74.  Feel the rush on quad bikes

The diverse set of terrains in and around Bangalore, present a wonderful opportunity to zoom through the tracks on all terrain vehicles (ATVs). More commonly known as Quad Bikes, the 4 wheeler mean machine gives you great power to make way through all kinds of obstacles, unlike other vehicles you might have had a chance to ride.

#75. Freedom at Freedom Park

Holding a strong significance in the modern Indian history, Freedom Park was a jail during the freedom fighting days. This place is a tribute to all our revolutionary freedom fighters who were once held behind at the bars at that place. The park has many sections like kids play area, information corridor, art gallery, museum and more. The park is also famous for the protests, public meetings and rallies which are held here.

#76. Party at the High Ultra Lounge

The highest lounge in South India – High Ultra Lounge stands mighty tall at 420 feet above the ground on the 31st floor of World Trade Center, Malleswaram. A premium nightlife destination in Bangalore, High Ultra comes up with the best DJ nights in the city with top-notch Indian and international artists like Nikhil Chinappa and Nina & Malika and more. Partying at such a height with a phenomenal view of the city is an experience worth cherishing.

#77. Brunch at JW Kitchen

The best way to tackle a hangover after Saturday night madness is by feasting on a lovely brunch the next day. JW Kitchen inside the grand JW Marriott Hotel offers the best brunch in town, serving foods from multiple cuisines like American, French, Indian, Continental and European. They also have some delicious Prosseco, champagne and sangrias which you can give a shot while you are there for the brunch.

#78. SteppinOut Night Market

For people who want more from nightlife in Bangalore than just regular clubbing, SteppinOut night markets are the way to go. Over 100 stalls, live music, flea market, silent disco, blindfold conversations, street jugglers, magicians and a lot more become a part of the night markets, taking the event to a new level altogether. The entry prices are kept very nominal somewhat in the range of 100 – 200 INR and the events take place only at premium venues of the city like Taj West End, JW Marriott, etc.

#79. Post Dinners treats at Corner House

It’s been more than 35 years since Corner House ice creams has been serving delicious ice creams and thick shakes to Bangaloreans. With so many outlets, you can easily spot Corner House in all parts of the city. The all-time favourites include Cake Fudge, Death by Chocolate and Trilogy. The place started as a food cafe, but slowly pivoted to an ice cream parlour, serving ice creams which are 100% dairy.

#80. Midnight Buffets in 5-star hotels

The perfect answer for those midnight cravings is a mouth watering spread of delicious food in a grand 5-star hotel. Venues like 20 Char Cafe, Cubbon Pavilion and Pinxx give an option of midnight buffet on most Fridays and Saturdays. The starting time is anywhere between 11 PM and 2 AM, and they usually go on for 2 to 4 hours. Such buffets are also good for celebrating birthdays and anniversaries.

#81. Smash it hard at Smaaash

Co owned by the God himself – Sachin Tendulkar, Smaaash is a highly advanced indoor entertainment unit, completely futuristic in its approach towards the entertainment industry. Be it world class virtual reality gaming, bowling, simulated sport or a hip and happening dining area with top notch food, music and party, Smaaash kills it in every section. They have multiple packages which combine food and games at very reasonable prices, so do check them out.

#82. Bring out the hidden singer at  karaoke nights

A bottle of chilled beer in hand singing your favourite song with buddies is a great way to break the monotony and enjoy a fun-filled evening. The venues in Bangalore where you can enjoy karaoke night include My Ship in Koramangala, The Farm House in Whitefield and No Limmits Lounge and Club in Brigade Road. Sing your heart out to your favourite songs at the best karaoke nights in Bangalore.

#83. Become a Master Chef at Slurp Studio

Located in Indiranagar, Slurp Studio is the place where you can become the cooking expert you have always wanted to be. This cooking school comes with various courses to cater multiple sections of people and apart from that they are also into outdoor catering. Their uniqueness lies in their super fun approach towards learning how to cook. Put on the toque and explore your passion for cooking.

#84. Gulp down fresh beers at breweries

For any beer lover, breweries are like heaven and when it comes to breweries in Bangalore, the kind of options you get is simply phenomenal. Places like Prost, Arbor Brewing Company, Big Pitcher, Windmills Craftworks, and Bangalore Brew Works offer beers of different and unique flavors like coffee, mango, wheat and Irish Stout. Some of the microbreweries offer testers as well, so you can test before purchasing.

#85.  Shoot on sight in Paintball

A fully loaded with colour pellets in hand and your opponents hiding behind bunkers present the perfect setting power packed game of paintball. Proper safety measures are taken to ensure no one gets injured during the game. Each player of the team is given a set number of pellets which they need fire away at the opponents and the teams which hits the maximum wins. Most of the arenas are artificial, and if you want to try a natural you can head to the one in Ramanagar.

#86. Games of yesteryear at Kavade

Kavade is the place where you ditch all the gadgets and indulge in traditional games which kids don’t even get to know about these days. This place brings not only families, but generations together with nothing hi-tech, but simple pastime activities. At Kavade get put your hands on those board games which you always wanted to play, and kids here can play around with toys and have in story telling sessions and dramatic plays.

#87. Rasalok Still Theatre of Miniature Art

A unique art form and theatre format developed in Karnataka, the miniature art performance is mesmerizing in true sense. Here you get to see still tableau and miniature dolls coming to live to tell the untold stories. They mostly focus on epics and classical texts and narrate through animations and movements.

#88. Breakfast at Koshys

Established in year 1940, Koshys is one of the oldest food establishments in Bangalore. An extremely popular hangout place on St. Mark’s Road, Koshys takes you old world which had large fans, creaky windows and huge pillars. Needless to say, the food here is amazing. Head to Koshys to try a slice out of Bangalore’s food history. Do try out their fish and chips, it’s amazing.

#89. Fly high in a Microlight Plane

At Jakkur Aerodrome you can pilot your plane, defying gravity and getting a feel of an exhilarating experience. After a briefing by the flight instructors, hop on the plane which will take you thousands of feet above the ground. Once airborne, the flight control will be shared with you, gaining the wings you have always craved for. And the other good thing about this is that it’s pretty affordable.

#90. Camping by the river

On the Mysore Highway, Jungle Lodges and Resorts, is located a few kilometres from the city. The lush green campsite has the famous Kaveri River flowing right through it. The earthy resort has various cottages and huts to suit all kinds of guests. The look of the place has been kept rustic without compromising on the basic amenities.

#91. Live Barbecue grill at Absolute Barbecues

For a barbecue lover, there is no better place than ABs to feast on huge variety of exotic dishes, grilled right in front on your table. They have a long list of barbecue dishes which are being served to you endlessly till the time you eat no more. They also a range of exotic meats like emu, rabbit and more, making this place an absolute heaven for a meat lover.

#92. Authentic Burmese cuisine Burma Burma

Burma Burma in Indiranagar gives you a true feel of what it must feel like being in Burma and enjoy their traditional dishes like Samuza Hincho and crunchy tofu steamed bun. As you enter the place, you will be greeted by a lady who will swish a leaf dipped in water over your palm. Some of the other dishes you can try here include Mandale Laphet Thoke and Black Sticky Rice with Himo Hin.

Start exploring, there are too many things to do in Bangalore and limited time in hand. 


by Vaibhav Lal

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