23rd May, 2018

Discover 7 Unique And Adorable Resto-Cafes In Koramangala, Which Makes It The Cafe Hub of Bangalore

In the ‘modern culture’ of Bangalore, the young early working class people love spending time in lovely and comfy cafes which serve fresh coffee with delectable food items which include sandwiches, pastas, pizzas, desserts and a lot more. Afterall they are a great place spend quality time with friends and loved ones in a quiet and pleasant setting. 

The best locality in Bangalore to explore a wide range of cafes, in terms of ambience, setting, cuisine, operational timings, etc. has to be Koramangala. With hundreds of cafes popping up in every nook and corner in the region, and spread across all 8 blocks of Koramangala, it sure is the cafe hub of the city. Here is a list of 7 truly amazing cafes in Koramangala which ensure a lovely experience.

#1. Om Made Cafe – With comfortable sofas and lovely alfresco setting, the rooftop Om Made Cafe is the place where you can chill all day while sipping on your coffee. The relaxing atmosphere and soft background music can be mistaken for the Goa vibes. The food items which you can give a shot include their creamy white pastas, chicken wrap, flatbread, sandwiches and Croque Monsieur.

#2. Atta Galatta – Located in the 5th block of Koramangala, Atta Galatta is cafe plus a library plus a venue which hosts theatre events and comedy shows. The first floor is where the seating area is and books are kept, and the top floor is dedicated to art events. They serve delicious food at unbelievable prices. The juicy chicken burger is priced at INR 80 and almost all of the items on the menu fall under INR 100. Attla Galatta has a bakery section as well where you can choose from different types of pastries, muffins and breads.

#3. DYU Art Cafe – A small veranda, wall fans, wooden chairs and tables and serene roofs makes wins your heart the moment you enter the extremely popular DYU Art Cafe. Dishes which should be on the top of your charts include cheese balls, spicy chicken pizza, banoffee and their mouth-watering chocolate cake. You may not find an endless list of options on the menu, but whatever they serve is of premium and top notch quality.

#4. Echoes – A one of its kind place in Bangalore, Echoes is run by differently-abled people who can’t hear or talk. They have come up with a system which ensures the customers don’t face any trouble in placing their order or giving specific instructions. The food here is as good as the concept. Items like Paneer Makhani Pizza, Kit Kat shake, and baked cheesy nachos bring out the best of American and Italian flavours.

#5. Dialogues Cafe – At Dialogues Cafe, you don’t pay for the food you eat, but for the time you spend. Another one of its kind place, the menu changes daily, and you can eat anything and everything from it. They generally have pastas, noodles, sandwiches, momos, coolers and more. They charge INR 220 for the first hour and then 3 rupees for every minute you spend post that.  

#6. The Hole in the Wall Cafe – What was earlier a residential place, The Hole in the Wall Cafe is one of the most famous breakfast places in Bangalore, serving traditional English breakfast and more. Be prepared for weighing in long queues on weekends, being an extremely popular place. Try out waffles, pancakes and their delightful cheeseburgers for an exquisite gourmet experience.

#7. Onesta – An Italian for honest, Onesta does strongly believe in honesty and constant innovation. They are for their thin crust pizzas coming in a variety of options and also their beautiful minced chicken lasagne. They have the unlimited pizza and unlimited menu option in case you are too hungry. The collection of desserts here is amazing. Do try their tiramisu mousses and little heavenly tarts in multiple flavors.

by Vaibhav Lal