27th July, 2017

Did you know about this secret getaway in Bangalore? It's a paradise if you are a foodie

Bangalore as a city has a lot to offer. I know at times it is very tempting to keep away from the hustle bustle of the city. Therefore, in this blog, I will talk about something that is an integral part as is everything else in this city.

There are many breweries in Bangalore that you might know. Be it Prost Brewpub, Biergarten or Big Pitcher. At these places, you can always quench your thirst for beer. But little do we know about the indigenous wines of the very own Garden City.

The manufacturing of White wine is interesting as well as has to be done carefully. After selecting the grapes and extracting the juice from the skin, temperature stabilisation is carried out. Care is taken so that there is minimal skin contact with the juice as this result in colouration of the wine. Yeasts are introduced to the juice and the sugars are fermented to alcohol. After this process, the whole mixture is moved to another container and filtered before bottling and ageing.

Manufacturing of white wine is slightly different from that of red wine. The juice is left in contact with the seeds and the skin that adds to the colour of the wine.

In this blog, I will throw some light on Bangalore’s very own vineyards and wine brands.

#1.Grover Vineyard

In the year 1988 when Bangalore had just started to boom with the coming of IT sector in India, Mr Kanwal Grover and Mr Georges Vessele started the wine business in the foothills of Nandi Hills. Spread over a whopping area of 400 acres, Grover Vineyard is now one of the most known wine brands with its roots in Bangalore.

Grover Vineyard is the only winery of India that has Michel Rolland, the celebrated French Winemaker as a consultant. The secret of Grover Vineyard's success is that they are very particular about the quality of the wine. For this reason, they use French grapes instead of Indian grapes, that are commonly used.

Grover Vineyards also sells wines to the epicentre of winemaking, France itself.Sauvignon Blanc and Viognier are the two types of white wines manufactured by the company.

Some of the wines that are manufactured by Grover Wines are One Tree Hill (Red and White), Zampa, La Reserve and Chene. Apart from these they also manufacture Santé, Raya and Vijay Amritraj.


The name of this wine has an interesting story associated with it. Kinvah is the name of an ancient wine that prevailed during the Mauryan era. The name of the parent company is Nandi Valley Winery Pvt. Ltd and they also have options for wine tourism.

Yes, you read that correctly. If you are curious how the exotic wines are prepared, you can check out their website. Practically every aspect of wine-making is discussed-right from fermentation to bottling and final labelling.

They have different varieties of wine. Reserva, Manthan, Shiraz are the red wine, while Kinvah Brut and Sarah are the varieties of white wine. Apart from these two they also have sparkling wine namely Fizzo White and Fizzo Red.

#3.Big Banyan

Big Banyan is yet another vineyard that manufactures wine with grapes hand picked from Ramnagar and Nasik Valley. However, the winery is located in Goa. The awesomeness of the wines manufactured by Big Banyan comes with years of experience and expertise by Lucio Matricardi, their chief vintner from Italy.

Their collection of wines is as vivid and exuberant as your emotions. You can take your pick from three elegant Whites, a seductive Rosé, three robust Reds, a delicious Dessert Wine or a Reserve-Limited Spring 2010 Shiraz.

After reading all this I am sure you are craving for a lazy weekend and some exquisite wines. So what are you waiting for guys, this weekend book a car and enjoy the finest wines? Just a friendly reminder don’t drink and drive.


by Ragini Arora

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