12th September, 2017

Dandiya Is Coming, And Bangalore Has Already Started Going Crazy For It!

The best part of the year is about to come in a couple of weeks. This is the time when most of us are going crazy about the week-long Navaratri celebrations. And as you already know, Navaratri celebrations are incomplete without dandiya nights.

Save all your energy for 9 long days because we have curated some of the best events for Navaratri, 2017. Get ready for some revelry, merrymaking, music and cultural fusion with the regular party scene of Bangalore.

A long time has passed since Holi, and a break from the monotonous life is entailed. Long work hours and collywobbles of your work need flushing out from your life. Being the festival of zeal and enthusiasm, Navaratri is the time when you need to take time out for yourself.

Make all efforts for a bodacious display of your traditional attire. Frolic and fun time is limited so enjoy as much as you can lest you rue about your choice. If you are an introvert and love spending time alone, Dandiya events during Navaratri is the best time for you to go out of your comfort zone and make new friends.  

A lot of ostentatious and flamboyant events are lined up for this season of Navaratri and Dandiya. If you contemplate with the chic and plush venues of Bangalore, they are all getting ready to make this time of the year delightful and ebullient. You can book some early bird tickets at huge discounted prices as well.

To briefly describe the arrangements that you can expect at these events are as follows:

#1.Food stalls to keep you energetic so that you can enjoy without the feeling of lassitude. Dandiya needs that you are vigorous and energetic to have optimum fun.

#2.Live Dhols to make the events more desi and fun. Dandiya is incomplete without the desi beats and dhols are the best instruments to set the mood for dandiya.

#3.DJs from different genres will play non-stop music so that you can dance throughout the evening. EDM, Bollywood, House music or trance, the DJs know how to keep you on the dance floor non-stop.

To conclude, Bangalore is going crazy over the upcoming dandiya nights, so keep a tab on HighApe and we will keep you posted with the best parties for Navaratri and Dandiya.

by Vaibhav Lal

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