21st August, 2017

Planning to party in Indirangar? Check out some of the best party places here!

Originally set up as a colony for defence personnel, this vibrant East Bangalore neighbourhood lies between the Old Madras road and the Old Airport Road and is dotted with sprawling old bungalows and beautiful parks.

Once known for beautiful bungalows and peaceful lanes, Indiranagar housed defence personnel and government officials, after the IT boom in the 1990s, Indiranagar today is a bustling part of the town filled with innumerable places to drink, eat and shop. Today Indiranagar is both commercial and residential part of the Bangalore.

Shopping in Indiranagar is an absolute delight. Home to international brands like Trufit and Hill, Brothers, Guess and Steve Madden, one can spend hours finding the right fit. You can also spend time browsing through the boutiques filled with an eclectic mix of clothes, jewellery and other interesting stuff.

Let’s check out some of the clubs, pubs and cafes in and around Indiranagar for a happening party.

#1.Prost Brew Pub

If you are looking for a great nightlife experience with some beer and music, Prost Brew Pub should be your place to be. The ambience of this place is relaxed and vibrant, just apt to enhance the mood and flavour of your spirit. Among the brewed beers you can try Brewer’s Special, Rocky Road, Burnt Stone, Red Alert and Cider Rider.

Made with Himalayan apples, choicest seasonal fruits and spices CIDER Rider is sparkling sweet apple cider with a local twist. Red Alert is a copper coloured English classic brewed with four different malts and zesty hops from Kent and Suffolk (Counties in the UK).

#2.Monkey Bar

Located at 12th Main, Indiranagar, towards 80ft Road Monkey bar is an American-styled that serves good food, has a groovy music and provides you the evening that you need every week.

This is a place for complete gastronomic delight right from sight, to smell and to taste. It could be a game night or a lazy breakfast, or just one of those evenings you want to relax and play foosball, Monkey Bar always has a vibrant, welcoming energy.

#3.The Warehouse

The Warehouse located in Indiranagar is a nice place to hang out with your friends. Seating is good and music is also right on track. Drinks and option on food are amazing and so is the ambience and decor.

The food is appealing to look on and good to taste. Go for the American cheese balls and cheese French fries. For the more on the main course, go for the Chicken slider and Penne Alfredo.

Get the "warehouse experience" through its "barn" interiors, and speciality food and beverages.


Pecos is a pub located in Indiranagar. If you are a retro and rock music lover, Pecos can be a wonderful destination. One can expect to hear led zeppelin, Metallica, Floyd etc. on any given day of the week. It has an excellent food menu with a large variety of meat dishes.

Created in 2007, the pub is located on main 100ft Road in Indiranagar, arguably the most sought after residential and commercial location in Bangalore today. A mix of the modern and the old world, this pub captures it all.

#5.The Beer Café

The Beer Cafe is a cool place to hang out with your friends and colleagues. It is both indoor and outdoor seating arrangement. The ambience is cool and you can enjoy football match inside the cafe. The food is good; they serve finger food, Chinese and Italian cuisines.


by Ragini Arora