7th July, 2016

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Breaking Bad Fans May Get Busted In Bangalore This Saturday!

Yo yo yo 148, 3-to-the-3-to-the-6-to-the-9. Representin’ the ABQ. What up, biatch? The time has finally come to take off your pants, strap on your respirator and let the good times roll. If you have been wanting to break bad all this while from your college, from your office, from the traffic, from the rain, or from anything else at all, and let your badass (w)alter ego prevail for an entire night, then the dark doors of Big Pitcher awaits you this Saturday night. If you are still wondering what we are talking about, then maybe it’s because you don’t have the dose of Breaking Bad in abundance. On the flip side, if you can’t wait to meet your fellow biatches, then here are 5 reasons why shouldn’t be afraid of getting busted this Saturday - #1 You may be the protagonist in your real life, but isn’t having a regular job and a normal life a little too ordinary at times? It’s frustrating when you know you can do a lot more than that given the right opportunity and set up. So, now you know what we are referring to and where you might get to enter. #2 When you think of Walter White, you cannot help, but picture him in that long yellow lab coat. And when he decides to get under your skin and asks you repeatedly, ‘say my name’, all you could mutter out is ‘Heisenberg’, unleashing the real him. This Saturday you will be doing the same, and the result? Well, you will have to wait for it. #3 Being a peddler in Albuquerque is no mediocre task, but if you do that with us, then there are perks, perks which an ordinary person can only dream of. What about rolling in the money for starters? #4 Do you know what happens when you try dissolving an entire person in a bathtub full of concentrated HCL? It just doesn’t hold together. So, you must be super careful while ordering and mixing your chemicals from the menu, or else be prepared to clean up the ugly mess. #5 Some precious things are out in the open, and some stashed away secretly. We like doing things the hidden way. You can only know what is in store for you and how you can get hold of it, when you decide to take up the risk knowing that there can be fulminated mercury anywhere around. And now that we are talking about breaking rules and getting busted, so we will break our own rule and give you 6 reasons instead of 5. There you go biitchh!! :D :D #6 Are you the one who gets knocked, or the one who knocks? If you are at home or partying at a normal DJ night somewhere in Bangalore then you are the one who gets knocked up, and if you are with High Ape with the people who broke bad then you are the one who knocks. Period! The questions are simple, the choices are clear. It’s your call now. It’s not always you get a chance to deal in methylamine without robbing an entire train. Don’t worry there won’t be any laws broken, but the morality may just take a severe hit. To book your passes, please click this link and visit the event page on our website.

by Manoj Jain

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