7th July, 2017

Big Pitcher - What does the 6 floors offer to you? Read this blog to find out

Big Pitcher, the name itself tells us its colossal nature. The huge 6-floor building is capable of offering all flavours of music, food, beverage and unlimited partying. Now that there are many popular pubs and nightclubs whose future is tumultuous, Big Pitcher can be a great alternative.

Located very conveniently on the Old Airport Road, right next to the grand Leela Palace, Big Pitcher succeeds in impressing you every time you enter. The interiors do not take you away with extravagance, but rather its simplicity and homely vibe, especially its ground floor and rooftop.

Being a microbrewery as well, Big Pitcher can satiate your quench for beer thirst which some great music and awesome nightlife. We are up with a treasure of information that will not stop the partying experience you expect every weekend.

They have fused the words Pub and Entertainment and built up totally a new concept of entertainment called Pubtainment. According to them, the combination of pubbing, entertainment, music and gastronomic experiences is what defines Pubtainment.

For this experience, Big Pitcher has 6 floors, each dedicated to catering the overall experience that highlights awesomeness. Studio 4121 is the place with a dance floor and live DJs playing the grooviest tracks that will compel you to throw some killer dance moves.

Club Kahuna is the place where you can catch some electrifying live performances by bands, musicians or stand-up comedians. Experience a fine dining experience at The Star Lounge, relish Tex-Mex dishes at Splitwood or devour some of the juiciest grills and barbeques at Sizzling Street.

Let’s go floor by floor and find out what’s more about this huge venue.

#1.Club Kahuna


Spread over 2 floors, this place has the room to accommodate 150 party animals. You can experience a wide range of entertainment alternatives. Foosball, Karaoke, Stand-Up comedy or grooving in the dance floor, you name it they have it.

Talking about the food, Big Pitcher will never disappoint you if you are a beer aficionado. We will talk more about their beer in another blog. Few other things that cannot go without being mentioned are brew taps, pizzeria and live brew house.



Splitwood is the place to be for food and beer enthusiasts. The rugged all wood ambience and furniture gives you the experience of dining in some motel at Baja Desert or the Mexican desert. Known for its signature Indian and Oriental dishes, Splitwood has an open and lounge setting that makes it the perfect destination for corporate luncheon, family gathering or friends meet-up.

What’s even better about this place is its innovation for making your dining experience even better. The Trolley Buffet is a concept introduced here, where the refills come to you and not the other way round.

#3.Sizzling Street


As the name suggests, Sizzling Street is the BBQ place at Big Pitcher. While beer is overflowed at each floor of Big Pitcher, the wide variety of Barbeques will keep your hands and mouth occupied for most of the time of your stay at the venue.

#4.Studio 4121


Studio 4121 is the dance floor and the place where the DJs show you their magic. The dance floor is large enough so that it does not stops you from showing some killer moves and impress your friends or someone with whom you are yet to meet.

They have Big Friday Nights, EDM Nights, Techno Nights, Dub Step Trance Music, and Holly Bolly Nights. With funky props, Dance Floor and Display Projector with Big TV, Studio 4121 is a complete entertainment package in itself.

#5.Star Lounge

Star Lounge is the rooftop area of the majestic Big Pitcher. They specialise in seafood, sizzlers and steaks. Enjoy the evening with the company of your friends and loved ones at this chic lounge.  The Alfresco ambience and Bangalore’s pleasant weather are the cherries on the cake.

Well, this is not all about Big Pitcher there are more about the signature beer, awesome food and a nightlife that you will never forget. We will bring all the information so that you can take informed decisions. Till then happy partying, stay tuned with HighApe for more.

by Ragini Arora