9th May, 2017

Best Pool games that you can play in the pool parties to beat the Bangalore Heat

Since the summer has already started in Bangalore, we have to find alternatives to beat the heat and at the same time enjoy with our buddies. A pool party is an obvious thing to chill and sip cocktail or beer.  But what to do while sitting the whole day inside the swimming pool, unless you have a Carlsberg board meeting? In this blog, we have brought a number of pool games that are popular all over the world.

#1. Marco Polo

 As kids, we played this game very often but as adults, this game revives the beautiful memories of the past. For those who have no idea about this game, this game is played with 4-5 people. One person will be the ‘it’ who has to keep on saying ‘Marco’ while keeping his/her eyes closed. The other players will reply back by saying ‘Polo’ if they are at the centre. If they are at the edge of the pool they have to shout back ‘Fish out of the bowl’. Once you are done calling out you cannot move your position. The person who is tagged by the ‘it’ becomes the new ‘it’.

#2. Relay Races

 This game is similar to any other relay race but wait there is a catch. There is a floating ball that you have to get to the other side without touching the ball. Just in case you touch the ball you start from the start line. Seems an interesting game!

  #3. Ping Pong Games

Ping Pong games are really fun and you can play endlessly. It is just like dartboard but without darts and boards. So how do you play it? Okay, so there are numbers written on the balls and scattered evenly inside the swimming pool. The team that collects the balls with highest points wins! Sounds like a simple game. But trust me this game had been one of my favourite games in which you won’t get bored.

#4. Pool Volleyball

 Pool volleyball is yet another game that will keep you entertained throughout the party. Either you can get floating nets or the conventional nets that are used for volleyball. You can divide and form teams and play the game. The rules are similar to the game that we play usually. The fun part is you enjoy playing in the water.

#5. Simply Chill

Well, apparently this is not a game. It is for lazy souls like myself who wants zero activity and lie quietly and chill. Keep yourself afloat and lie down with your back on the surface of the water.

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by Ragini Arora

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