26th July, 2016

Best Places To Party In Indiranagar - The Magical 100 ft. Road Where It All Happens

Bangalore is famous for its amazing nightlife, and a huge share of credit goes to Indiranagar for that. Let me explain you why. The popular 100 feet road in Indiranagar houses some of the best places to party in Bangalore. The nightlife sector is at its very best in this area. If you are looking out for the best places to party out of all the options there are, then you have landed at the right place. Based on music, food, ambience, and even location, I have handpicked the top venues where you can go this weekend to have a blast. They are loud, wild and totally crazy. From places to go on a low budget to venues which require a thick wallet, the list has it all.  #5 The Humming Tree humming tree This place has a beautiful indoor setup with an equally amazing outdoor ambience. The finger food here is pretty decent. What I love the best about The Humming Tree is that the evening starts off at a low key, but as the time passes you can feel an amazing vibe in the party. The Humming Tree has a great culture in music as well, from local bands to sunburn DJs, all are a regular part of this venue.
#4 The Warehouse warehouse I was talking about cheap and expensive places in Bangalore earlier, so this one comes under the ‘expensive’ tag. The dance floor is nicely organized, and if instead you decide to sit at the bar, it won’t be any less fun. And if you are into some fun sporting activities, then you will love its half court. It’s always full with people shooting hoops and blowing off some serious steam. Like most other places in this list of best places to party, the crowd here is excellent both in quantity and quality.
#3 Loft 38 loft38 One of the most beautiful night clubs in Bangalore, Loft 38 has a two storey sorts of seating arrangement. The staffs here are super friendly which is such a plus point at the end of the day. The Friday nights here are great as they bring some of the best DJs in Bangalore to spin the table. Loft 38 has probably the best location in this list, and it has a habit of delivering memorable nights for its customers.
#2 Hangover hangover The blue colored iconic bus standing right outside the pub has been instrumental in increasing the popularity of this place. The founders got this idea of keeping a bus when they were in Thailand and saw how drinks could be so easily sold in moving buses. The story building has 3 bar counters overall, from where you can get their amazing cocktails. The service here is excellent, and you would expect this place to super expensive, but on the contrary it’s very decently priced.
#1 Black Rabbit black rabbit Mostly it’s the lion which is the king of the jungle, but in this case it’s a rabbit. The popularity of the place is such that people don’t mind standing in long queues just to get an entry to this lavish place. The burgers here are absolutely stunning, they are just so damn juicy. In terms of price, this place is on the expensive, especially the drinks. Some of the most amazing items here are double cooked pork belly, wasabi prawns and in the drinks section – warcarbi and watermelon martini. Being in Indiranagar it can be really confusing at times to pick the best places to party in Bangalore, as there so many options. But now you know which are the places which should be first on your radar.

by Supritha Manjunath

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