21st July, 2016

Best Party Places In Bangalore With Great Music!

Nightlife in Bangalore has a lot of flavours to it. Some places are famous for their ambience, some get you hooked through their savoury cocktails while some others blow your mind away with their exceptional taste in music. In this article I will be specifically talking about nightclubs and pubs which are famous among the die-hard music lovers in Bangalore. Apart from a few places which completely dig the classic rock genre, it’s a little difficult to put a label on these places. Being the biggest IT hub in the country, Bangalore has a huge section of population which is not originally from the city. And that is one of the reasons for the diverse ethnicity among the best places to party in Bangalore. If music is the prime concern for you when it comes to partying, then here the top 5 places to rock in Bangalore – #5 Indigo Live indigo music Backed by Radio Indigo 91.9 FM, Indigo Live Music Bar is perhaps the most happening place in Koramangala. With great sound systems on both its levels, Indigo Live indulges itself in a lot of different genres. From the regular EDM nights with famous DJs like Ivan and Jasmeet to Salsa nights to Bollywood nights, and even hip-hop nights. They are as diverse as their radio channel. And I almost forgot, they also have live band performances almost every week. #4 Sugar Factory sugar factory music   Hardly 2 years old, Sugar Factory has managed to make a mark for itself in the super competitive nightlife industry of Bangalore rather quickly. For that, a huge share of credit goes to Le Meridian, which hosts this place and to their management which doesn’t hesitate in bringing popular international artists every once in a while. EDM lovers, you will simply love it over here. #3 Hard Rock Cafe hard rock cafe music The name speaks volume for itself. Hard Rock Cafe has been one of the pioneer places in the nightlife industry ever since its inception. Every rock lover wishes to visit this iconic place at least one, and no prices for guessing the genre of music here. Hard Rock Cafe has a classic old school American vibe to it through its architecture, food and of course, the brilliant music. #2 Skyye skyye The super cool roof top venue of UB City is one hell of an elite place for high class party lovers. The rates in the menu card soar as high as the building, but that has never stopped the die-hard music lovers from dancing to the tunes of the best DJs in Bangalore. The place is gorgeously lit up, near the rim on the floor you will find some fireplaces which give a warm and pleasant touch to the venue. The music genres commonly played here are pop, commercial, EDM and Bollywood. #1 Loft 38 loft music Loft 38 gives almost every other pub located in Indiranagar a run for its money. With the unique multilevel interiors, excellent service and high end surround sound system, the place sure backs a punch on any given day of the week. The centrally located dance floor acts as the perfect the platform to swing around to the beats of the most trending songs in the pop, trance and EDM world.  Be ready to  have an ultimate clubbing experience when in Loft. All these places are pros in this business, and they know best what people love the most. If great music is in your wish list, then try put these wonderful places to party in Bangalore with superb beats, and you won’t be disappointed for sure.

by Supritha Manjunath